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23 April 2018


My recovery didn't happen overnight but with the help of PRC Recovery I started a new life, one that affords great joy and happiness.


I started a new life with the help I found at PRC Recovery.

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I started a new life with the help I found at PRC Recovery.

Ever since I used drugs, this is true, apparently to me. I never recovered on my own resources. I had many relapses in the past. But when I was told about my mental obsessions with thoughts of using, my physical compulsion to continue using regardless of the consequences and my spiritual self-centeredness because of my addiction. PRC made me realise that I have a disease of addiction, which does what it does best, kill unless arrested. My recovery didn't happen overnight for me. But with the help, I found it in the centre. I started a new life, one that affords great joy and happiness. I don't longer need heroin and dirty needles to experience grateful events mixed with painful ones. I am clean and I experience a full range of feelings about the events of my life. Give thanks to Pace Recovery Centre.

Individual Counselling

Margaret was a good counsellor to me, she helped me a lot. She believed in me and she gave me courage when I was down. She helped me to re-establish myself. She motivated me through my recovery. I think she is the best counsellor I ever had in my life and I'd like to thank her.

Group Counselling

Jane and Margaret are the best, they know what they are doing. The Group Counselling helped me with the tools to find what to overcome my mental obsession with drugs. I can now deal with my emotions. They helped me to restructure my thinking to combat my addiction.

Step Work Counselling

Working the step work with Mart, I have learners that I have a disease of addiction that need my total abstinence from drugs and alcohol to maintain sobriety. I understand more about the Fellowship and the primary purpose of one addict helping another. Doing or working the steps are part of the things I really enjoyed in this Facility.


This Facility is a good environment to be when one needs to recover. I really enjoyed being here. The place is in a good state and the place is big. I love the nature that is around the Facility, the birds sing in the morning. Good atmosphere for an addict to recover.


The Meals are healthy because most of us when we use to do drugs did not eat healthily. I gained weight since I came here to the rehab, I have more energy and feel healthy now.


The meetings are like therapy to me and I will continue going to more NA and AA meetings because it's where we find our hopes and strengths as addicts. We relate and it's where addicts feel at home and meet with their Higher Power.


The staff is good. I was lost but I found love in this place. It's become home to me. I grew in many areas of my life. The gym is the place I really enjoyed. Everybody is treated equally to no gender issues or races. Much thanks.

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