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29 September 2019


For the still suffering addict there are 3 options, jails, institutions or death. There is life after heroin and it's beautiful. Thanks PRC.


There is still hope, even if all you see is darkness!

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There is still hope, even if all you see is darkness!

I was a heroin addict for 3 years. It started with smoking nyaope in South Africa, with that some call - the kiss from god - and ended in Australia with mainlining pure heroin. This "kiss from god" quickly turned into a living nightmare, hell on earth. It may have seemed like love at first sight but my mistress, my heroine, didn't take long to show her true colours, she is cunning, baffling and powerful. She is a destroyer of lives, a devourer of souls. My life was turned into chaos, it became completely unmanageable, my DOC drove me to the brink of suicide...twice. For the still suffering addict, there are 3 options, jails, institutions or death. Thanks to the God of my understanding, I was fortunate enough to end in an institution, a recovery centre that saved my life. Thank you, Pace, truly! To the still suffering addicts, my heart goes out to you! There is always hope, even if all you see is darkness. There is life after heroin and it's beautiful. "I did it, so can you!" - VINI VIDI VICI

Individual Counselling

Very impressed with Pace's life coaches and social workers. They are all very insightful and helped me a lot in my recovery process. Thanks to all!

Group Counselling

Group sessions were always very interesting and informative subjects dealt with was applicable to my recovery process and can also be used for the remainder of my life.

Step Work Counselling

Step Work Counselling was not always fun, as you are required to dig deep and confront all your 'demons'. It is however very necessary to deal with this in order to get to the root of your problems, deal with them and lay them to rest. Step work is one of the most powerful tools in the recovery process. A must if you are serious about recovery!


Pace's Facility is great! A 5ha property where residents can move around freely during "free time" and socials. Living accommodation, shower facilities and classrooms are all well laid out and I felt welcome and right at home in a short time.


Three meals a day with snack and tea breaks in between. Breakfast and lunch are good, but dinner was always the cherry on top for me! Compliments to the chef!


The Fellowship amongst residents at Pace is second to none. People come and go but the 'brotherhood' remains. Strong support for each other. When I am down you help me up and when you are down I help you up. Oorah!


I will absolutely recommend PRC Recovery to any still suffering addict. Pace helped me out of my darkest depths and helped me see a life filled with renewed hope and serenity. Eternally grateful to all staff members and my fellow residents/brothers.

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