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29 November 2023


PRC provided life lessons, tools, and self-worth for recovery. Facing the past brought peace. Grateful for transformative experience at PRC Recovery.


Pace gave me the tools and self-worth to be able to recover.

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Pace gave me the tools and self-worth to be able to recover.

It wasn't easy at first, but it got a lot easier. It doesn't help to run away from our past but rather face it. I found peace here at PRC. Every day here at Pace was a life lesson and Pace gave me the tools and self-worth for me to be able to recover. I'm grateful for being able to have experienced this at my age.

Individual Counselling

Hennie: Understanding, does not sugarcoat recovery, cares about people talks sense into our heads.

Occupational Therapy

Innocencia: open minded, gives everyone a turn to have their share, she cares about her client.

Social Worker

Wendy: Really caring about me and others, she always wants to know how I'm doing and she always willing to help.

Group Therapy

Wade: Caring and loveable towards client Chris: Share full caring happy. Wendy: Caring, brings her side understanding. Moses: Play a big part in my recovery helps when spoken to good advice understand my stubborn Holistic Treatment Body stress Release Body feels a lot better; I know how to read it now. Holistic Coaching/Healing I know that my body talks to me and how I can tap into it. Human Design I know how that my body is electric and have to be grounded that my body is not just a body.

Step Work Counselling

Moses really understands and does not sugarcoat things but is serious about me recovering.


Good, building in a great way. toilets are just a little bit far to reach, but if there is water everything functions well.


Meals are great just a little bit small.


Great to have people around who understand and knows what we individuals goes through.


PRC is a great Rehab. A lot of writing is necessary. Staff members understand and only here to help with our recovery.

What Makes PRC Different?

This is the first time being in an institution but would always refer people to come here.

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