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4 November 2019


I've accepted that I'm powerless to drugs, alcohol, and my compulsive, obsessive and self-centered nature. PRC gave me the hope of freedom.


PRC gave me a clear and clean mind, heart, body and soul.

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PRC gave me a clear and clean mind, heart, body and soul.

When I came to PRC Recovery I had a very deluded and closed mind about recovery due to the amount of pain and hurt I caused myself and those around me. I was fearful that I might not learn anything until I saw the serenity prayer. I've accepted that I'm powerless to drugs and alcohol, powerless to my compulsive, obsessive and self-centred nature but I know that NA is giving me the hope of freedom, free of drugs with a clear and clean mind, heart, body and soul. All thanks to my family Onthene, Octavea, Maggie, Rika, Janine, Daniele, Mart, Diederick, Nurse Elizabeth, Daniel, Sam, Willie, Theo, Thando, Ryan, J.P, Nhalnhla, Andy, Percy, Reginald, Mvume, Juan, Clinton, Bongani, Xolani, M.J, Morne, Joe, Sifiso, Deon, Calvin, Chevaun, Quinton, Thembikosi, and mostly thanks to Nandi, Mbali, Hector, Blondie, Mom and Dad for the support and faith they gave and still have for me without all of you I wouldn't have done it alone.

Individual Counselling

The counselling with Maggie, Mart, Onthene, Diederick and Daniele was productive since the 1st day. They have been very honest towards me. Sometimes it got to me but deep down inside I knew it was best for me and honestly grateful to their effort to make me become a better person and most important a better person for me. They showed me sobriety is achievable and I truly think and appreciate them for every single thing

Group Counselling

Group counselling was mighty powerful, productive and informative on every level. Maggie, Octavea, Daniele and Mart made it easier for me to understand myself and my disease of addiction and how far the rabbit hole goes. I've rediscovered myself in these sessions and now I have a proper view of the reality of my disease. They were fun, hurtful, painful, eye-opening and most important they were the best for me.

Step Work Counselling

Doing step work and having Mart counsel me was at first hard to understand why was he very honest to me. And over time I realized that I need to be told all the truth. I cannot continue with the same attitude that I've grown into when I was inactive addiction throughout my recovery and so to maintain my sobriety. I have improved in many positive and righteous ways in PRC Recovery and wholeheartedly grateful for the amount of time Mart, Onthene and Daniele spent on me.


The facility is great with an amazing mountain view. It's big enough to get some alone time in silence with a breath of fresh air. You can exercise, sing freely and scream your lungs out to release some tension. Good rooms to sleep in, good dining area, good shower rooms and good classrooms. It is close to town if anyone is ill. An effective mental shift is there are no security guards so the decision is all up to you if you want to stay clean or not.


Meals are good yet sometimes wished it would change now and then like deserts on weekends. We have the privilege to buy or order some food as a tuckshop list. But grateful for the great food, I ate in here like getting the chance to braai on weekends. Three home-cooked meals every day.


The Fellowship of NA and AA was inspirational and powerful for my recovery. Shares and topics and JFT meetings, finding and redefining myself with the Fellowships' wisdom, knowledge, trust, strength, courage, faith, love, beliefs, honesty, open-mindedness, prayers, goals, achievements, life experiences the good and the bad in each and everyone from it. This gave me the comfort to open up and talk about my recovery as it is my newfound lifestyle. I wholeheartedly thank everyone who sat with me in these circles.


My journey here was not easy yet it was not impossible. I came here with a broken heart and a chaotic mindset about myself and the people around me, in denial that � I don't have an addiction, I just have a financial problem - to soon face the harsh reality that I am an addict and the problem is me. Having to accept that recovery or rehab is not a paradise stop forgetting about reality and the damages I have caused. PRC Recovery gave me a new environment to see, feel and hear my thoughts and behaviours and work with and on them. With the help of my life coaches, sponsors, meetings, counsellors, step work, inventory on a daily basis and out of all God as I understand Him.

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