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18 December 2018


I can't explain my gratitude. PRC Recovery was my home and family for 3 months. Complete sobriety is the only way, there is no other way.


I've learned more in this program than all previous 7 rehabs.

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I've learned more in this program than all previous 7 rehabs.

I didn't come to PRC with a lot of expectations. My only requirement was hot water, gym, and eatable food. At first, I was overwhelmed by all the paperwork and the time we were given to do it. It made me a lot slower but I did what I could to the best of my ability and I believe all my hard work will pay off. I have learned more in this 3-month program than in all 7 rehabs previously. If there was any other way to stay clean of heroin/drugs I wouldn't be here and if it weren't for this program I weren't going to have much of a chance. (Complete Sobriety) is the only way. I was motivated by love, compassion, understanding and trust. This was my home and family for the past 3 months, I can't explain my gratitude.

Individual Counselling

Well, Octavea and Margret have got their own way of handling situations, but both of them are respectful towards everyone, and they do their best to be professional.

Group Counselling

Really a lot of information I wish I could remember everything, but also a lot of enjoyment and fun sometimes I think Margret and Octavea are also learning and getting more experience, but they are doing good.

Step Work Counselling

Step work was really hard for me and still is. Mart knows how to push you to do step work. Daniele knows how to motivate you. I think the staff makes a good team.


I am not full of shit, so for me, it was not bad. All of the responsibilities and duties is hard work, but it is realistic, you can't expect anything but when you get out and want to make a success of your life.


I can't complain, the food is great. No one will starve to death in this place.


This was something I had to get used to. I think I made a lot of progress with it comes to interacting with people. No one can be happy without a Fellowship without other people.


I will recommend this program to everyone with an addiction problem, that is ready to do something about it. I think the balance between work and play is perfect.

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