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1 June 2020


I did not know where I belong or who I even was but thanks to PRC I've started a spiritual journey where I have accepted who I am.


It's a simple program that makes recovery possible.

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It's a simple program that makes recovery possible.

I came to PRC Recovery with a mind of not knowing where I belong or who I even was. Thanks to PRC Recovery I have started a spiritual journey where I have accepted the person who I have come to know. PRC Recovery helped me understand that my past does not define me as a person. The amount of gratitude I have towards recovery goes beyond what I thought I would feel. Things are made very possible here, it is a simple program that only asks you to be three things and do five. Those three things are what got me started - honesty, willingness and open-mindedness. I am eternally grateful for the things PRC Recovery has taught me.

Individual Counselling

Really enjoyed the individual sessions that I had while being here. The amount of thought that was present in order to help me goes without saying, I felt acknowledged and understood.

Group Counselling

This time around I could honestly see how much the group sessions are so much related to living a healthy recovery. Everything was very well structured and helped me do a lot of introspection.

Step Work Counselling

Powerful and highly impactable feedback was given. Got a lot from these sessions.


Always enjoyed the facility. Nothing stood out that seemed to bother me. Work is currently being done to update the place and from what I have seen of it, I see it is going to be a nice improvement.


The meals were good, never had a problem with them. The right amount of nutrition.


The increase from two to four meetings a week, in the beginning, was very tiring but once it became routine for me I started enjoying them. The members of the Fellowship are kind-hearted and supportive individuals which allows me to be the real me.


I have no regrets at all returning back to PRC Recovery, really enjoy the type of structure and the love and support I get from the staff. Very helpful and reaching out.

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