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28 May 2018


I'm grateful for the new way of life PRC Recovery has given me. I've got all the tools I need to live a healthy fulfilling sober life.


PRC gave me all the tools to live a fulfilling sober life.

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PRC gave me all the tools to live a fulfilling sober life.

I came to PRC a broken person unable to love or forgive myself for what I've done in the past. PRC has given me a new way of life. PRC has given me all the tools needed for me to live a healthy fulfilling sober life. I'm grateful for all the things PRC has taught me. They gave me a new life.

Individual Counselling

I gained a lot from my individual counselling. I felt understood and that I could speak freely about anything that I felt or was going through. I experienced no judgement but only acceptance. Nothing in my counselling sessions were forced upon me, I was rather given the opportunity through good advice to make my decisions for myself and learn from them.

Group Counselling

Group counselling gave me a bit more insight and information about my disease. I found Group Counselling to be very useful for me. It equipped me with a lot of the tools that I will need to start my new life of sobriety outside of treatment. I also really liked the way the groups were presented in a way that all clients are able to participate and gain something from them.

Step Work Counselling

Coming into treatment I had a lot of trust issues, Step Work Counselling taught me to open up and to trust not only my counsellor but in myself and my God. Step work helped me to let go of a lot of things I still had guilt, shame and pain over. My step work counsellor also showed no judgement towards me which allowed me to speak openly and freely. This also helped me to be called out on my mistakes so that it would be able for me to fix them. Step Work Counselling made me very aware of my actions.


I think the Facility and the program is very well structured. It gave me time to process the things that needed to be processed and just the area that it's located in is very calm and serene. The Facility made me see there is actually a better life outside of my addiction.


No complaints here. In my whole stay here, not once did I have a bad food experience. I love the fact that I am allowed to give input on what we eat and that we are able to participate in making the food. The Meals here helped me to regain a healthy relationship with food again.


The Fellowship actually played a huge part in my recovery. It showed me how vital it is to be part of the Fellowship if I want to remain sober. It's another platform where I was able to share freely and gain and learn from other experiences from other recovering addicts. The Fellowship gave me hope again.


Overall this is the best recovery centre I've been at or heard of. The way they do things here works without a doubt. I have no complaints about PRC.

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