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Many people find it difficult to ask for support because of the feelings that emanate from how addiction affected them. Recovery cannot be done alone and you need support from others throughout your journey.

PRC Recovery encourages a strong family support system including the family in every part of the recovery journey. It is important for families to have a support system for themselves as well while we look after your loved one in rehab.

The importance of having support in recovery:

  • Support systems help you prevent isolation, you always have people to give you companionship.

  • Knowing you have someone to support you increases your self-confidence which is essential in recovery as it keeps you focused and motivated.

  • A strong support system helps you gain a sense of accountability to your goals.

  • Most people who are in recovery report a time where they become complacent, so in this time your support system will be able to make you aware of it, minimising the risk of relapse.

  • Support systems can also equip you with coping skills when you are having difficult times or facing certain challenges that might put you at risk of relapse.

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Rehabilitation Centres in Nelspruit

PRC Recovery Centre is an affordable rehab and one of the best rehabilitation centres in South Africa. We are situated near Nelspruit and White River providing easy transfers via the Kruger International Airport for local and international clients. Local shuttle services make it easy for anyone across South Africa to be admitted at PRC. Our rates make it affordable and accessible to everyone.




Denial is common in most people who struggle with addiction. Most people think they are “in control” of the situation but the truth is they are being controlled by their substance of choice.

The prevention of and treatment for Substance Abuse Act 70 of 2008 provides that a court enquiry can be made for involuntary admission into treatment. If you have someone that you care for who is addicted to drugs or alcohol that is unwilling to get help voluntarily we can assist.

Section 33 requires a person who is closely associated with the person concerned to make a sworn statement (affidavit) in order to open an enquiry. The sworn statement has to outline the addiction pattern if he/she:

  • is a danger to himself or herself or to the immediate environment or causes a major public health risk;

  • in any other manner does harm to his or her own welfare or the welfare of his or her family and others; or

  • commits a criminal act to sustain his or her dependence on substances.

Involuntary admission has its benefits and its challenges but shows the same equal chances of recovery as those admitted voluntarily.

For more assistance in involuntary admission for your loved one please contact us today.