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OUR Journey TO Recovery

I can still vividly recall the words I typed into Google: "Help for drinking problem." Those simple keystrokes led to a profound turning point in our lives when my husband was admitted to rehab. The reality hit hard: "Your husband suffers from a chronic, relapsing disease of addiction."

As I walked alongside my husband on this journey through our family disease, doubts lingered within me. However, witnessing his unwavering commitment to working the 12-step recovery program brought a newfound clarity.


His sheer desperation to stay clean was palpable, and I witnessed his relentless effort like never before. It was during this time that the seeds of PRC Recovery were planted, opening me up to a new passion.

Our mission at PRC Recovery is to provide other families with the same opportunities and blessings we have experienced.


We aspire to create an environment that facilitates recovery, a platform that reunites families, all through a program that has enabled my husband to maintain sobriety since 2014.

We understand the transformative power of recovery, and we are driven to extend this lifeline to others. 


About Us


PRC Recovery stands as a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, catering to both women and men in South Africa.
Our framework is meticulously designed to encompass a comprehensive range of approaches to substance abuse rehabilitation. We aim to unite various partial modalities into an integrated whole, maximizing the potential for successful recovery.


As individuals who have personally walked the path of integrated health services and a 12-step recovery program, my husband and I have united our purpose through PRC Recovery Centre. Our shared commitment revolves around helping others find their path to recovery. With a deep understanding of addiction and a profound dedication to supporting people, we strive to establish one of the finest rehab centres in South Africa.


Drawing from our own transformative experiences within an integrative approach and the 12-step program, we carefully crafted a rehabilitation program that reflects our journey. Our passionate team of professionals brings a wealth of skills and expertise.

At PRC Recovery, we merge the best practices to provide a holistic and effective rehabilitation experience. Our program is a testament to the profound impact that love, understanding, and dedication can have on the journey toward lasting recovery.

Our Facility


Nestled within a picturesque valley, our rehab facility spans a serene 5-hectare property, enveloped by the breathtaking Drakensberg mountain range and lush forests. Imbued with the beauty of nature, our surroundings play an integral role in our addiction treatment philosophy, fostering regular excursions to explore the enchanting waterfalls and captivating scenery.

Our facility caters to the needs of both women and men seeking drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The accommodation includes comfortable double rooms, ensuring privacy and comfort. Separate living spaces are thoughtfully provided for men and women.


On-site amenities further enhance our clients' experience, featuring a convenient laundry room, a games room for recreational activities, a well-equipped gym for physical wellness, and a cosy TV lounge with a fireplace for relaxation during evenings. 


The combination of our scenic location, comfortable facilities, and shared spaces cultivates an atmosphere of healing and camaraderie, reinforcing the transformative journey of recovery for all who enter our doors.

As an integral part of our approach, we incorporate yoga and meditation sessions to set a mindful tone before the commencement of our intensive daily addiction treatment program. These practices promote holistic well-being and provide a foundation for personal growth.


To support our client's nutritional needs, we offer an approved dietary program that includes three nourishing meals per day and two snack times. Our designated dining area provides a welcoming space for communal dining. We prioritize individual dietary requirements and ensure they are taken into careful consideration upon admission, striving to accommodate these needs to the best of our ability.


By combining integrated health services, evidence-based therapies, nutritional support, and comprehensive health care, we foster an environment where individuals can focus on their recovery journey with the confidence that their physical and mental well-being is supported every step of the way.

Our Team


As highly trained partners, our role is to accompany you on your recovery journey, supporting you in achieving the life you desire. We serve as your guide through the foundational stages of recovery, equipping you with the necessary tools and methods to maintain sobriety.


Central to our approach is the establishment of a strengths-based support system tailored for individuals facing addiction or in recovery from substance abuse. Together, we harness your unique strengths and abilities, fostering a network of encouragement and assistance.

With our unwavering support and expertise, we strive to empower you to take charge of your recovery journey, helping you unlock your potential and build a solid foundation for long-term sobriety and personal growth.


Holistic Coach

It is my life's journey to create an environment to inspire people to become all they can be and so much more. It is not easy to choose sobriety but it is certainly worth it.


Social Worker

To enable individuals and families affected by substance and alcohol abuse to become active participants in the problem-solving process, in order to restore their normal functioning.



I had to experience addiction to appreciate living life in recovery, my hope is in sharing my experience to help others find their way back home. From merely existing to living.

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To provide the highest quality medical care to ensure that each client has the best advantage during their recovery



Senior Recovery Coach

Success and its glory for me are knowing I’ve changed lives through my example that starting life over is possible.

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Occupational Therapist

To promote individual ability and optimizing abilities that are meaningful.

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Junior Recovery Coach



Junior Recovery Coach




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Office Coordinator






My hands work the grounds, my heart works for the people who come and go here. A little bit of love and care goes a long way.




We are highly favoured - I love my work and more so the people. We are one.



I love keeping the property in good shape, giving the people who are homesick something nice to look at.

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Janine Knox

BSR Therapist

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Celine Cruse

TRE Therapist

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Dr. Merna Cronje

General Practitioner

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Hermien Schroder
Consulting Clinical Psychologist

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Gerlia Venter

Consulting Dietician

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Dr. Mothapo
Consulting Psychiatrist

Contact Us

The Importance of choosing registered rehabilitation centres

The registration of rehab centres in South Africa is overseen by the Department of Social Development.


To ensure that your loved one receives the highest quality treatment for alcohol abuse and drug addiction, government rehabilitation centres adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Prevention of and Treatment for Substance Abuse Act (No. 70 of 2008). These guidelines encompass essential elements that are carefully evaluated when registering these facilities:

  • Suitable premises to provide a conducive environment for residents.

  • Qualified staff members who meet the necessary professional standards.

  • Defined standards for detoxification, assessments, and treatment procedures.

  • Documentation and evaluation of clinical disciplines and assessment criteria.

  • Implementation of a comprehensive nutritional program.

  • Time allocation regulations for resident duties, sessions, groups, and assignments.

Neglecting any of these norms and standards could have a significant impact. At PRC Recovery, we take great pride in incorporating all these crucial aspects into our program, establishing ourselves as a leading treatment facility in South Africa.

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