I still remember the words I typed into Google: Help for drinking problem. Shortly after my husband was admitted to rehab the biggest shock was; “Your husband suffers from a chronic, relapsing disease of addiction. 

I never cried so much as I did that day. My whole world was falling apart. I was walking my journey with this family disease and had my fair share of doubts but throughout him working the 12 step recovery program I could clearly see that he had utter desperation to stay clean. I’ve never seen him working so hard on something. The best part is, it opened me up to a new passion and you could say that the idea of PRC Recovery started.

Our hope as PRC Recovery is to afford other families the opportunity to experience the same blessings we have today. An environment for helping people recover, a platform for reuniting families and all that through a program that has helped my husband stay clean for over six years.




PRC Recovery is a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre for women and men in South Africa. Our framework is designed to examine and include the many different approaches to substance abuse rehabilitation and uniting the many partial modalities into an integrated whole.

My husband and I both work a 12 step recovery program and united through PRC Recovery Centre our purpose had become helping addicts recover. We aim to establish one of the best rehab centres in South Africa, sharing my love towards the families in understanding addiction and helping the addict and my husband's dedication towards helping his co-supportive alcoholics and addicts find recovery.


We’ve truly applied what had helped us on our journey through the 12 step program of recovery and formulated it into and rehabilitation program that could only be possible by our passionate team and professionals that bring the skills and experience to combine registered counselling with life coaching and abstinence recovery.



The message is hope and the promise is freedom and hope is a wonderful thing... That is why the people at PRC not only subscribe to this ethos but also lives by it.


Each and every staff member at PRC Recovery is as individually selected as our clients individually treated and we all share in the joy and hardship that addiction and recovery brings.


Freedom from addiction is a contribution from each member to each client.



The rehab facility is situated in a valley on a 5-hectare property surrounded by the beautiful Drakensberg mountain range and forests. Regular excursions are part of our lifestyle encouraging the surrounding waterfalls and scenery to become part of our addiction treatment philosophy.

Our facilities for drug and alcohol rehabilitation for women and men make provision for double rooms with separate accommodation for men and women. On-site laundry room, games room, gym and tv lounge with a fireplace for relaxing in the evenings. The braai facility is commonly used every night where clients and staff socialise and interact, sharing the hardships of addiction, the journey of recovery, while reflecting on the day.

Part of our approach includes yoga and meditation sessions before the start of our daily intensive addiction treatment programme. An approved nutritional program allows for three meals per day in the designated dining area. Dietary requirements are taken into consideration at admission and met wherever possible.


Our professional nursing team assists with all health needs in collaboration with our consulting General Practitioner and Psychiatrist. Medication schedules and routine check-ups are maintained throughout. A separate sickbay is also available.



We are highly trained partners who work with you so you can have the life you want in recovery. We are your guide through the foundation cycle of your recovery and we teach you methods to maintain sobriety. As an integral part of your treatment, we help form a strengths-based support system for persons with addictions or in recovery from substance abuse. We prepare you for your new way of life and equip you with techniques to cope with life on life's terms.

Head of Business

It is my life's journey to create an environment to inspire people to become all they can be and so much more. It is not easy to choose sobriety but it is certainly worth it.

Social Worker

To enable individuals and families affected by substance and alcohol abuse to become active participants in the problem-solving process, in order to restore their normal functioning.

Registered Counsellor

I believe in providing a social-emotional supportive environment for people affected by substance abuse.


To provide the highest quality medical care to ensure that each client has the best advantage during their recovery

Recovery Coach

Success and its glory for me are knowing I’ve changed lives through my example that starting life over is possible.


Kindness and laughter can change someone's whole day.

Junior Recovery Coach

I have a second chance at life. I am alive! I am living proof that there is hope for addicts. So remember "we do recover".

Consulting Clinical Psychologist

To enhance mental health and to provide effective ways to deal with psychological as well as psychiatric difficulties.

Recovery Coach

If heroism and strength mean anything, it is the willingness to face reality and respect truth, accepting that which is...


The Importance of choosing registered rehabilitation centres

The Department of Social Development governs the registration of rehab centres in South Africa. The Prevention of and Treatment for Substance Abuse Act (No. 70 of 2008) provides the necessary best practice guidelines to rehabs to ensure that your loved one receives the best possible treatment for alcohol abuse and drug addiction. The following are some important elements looked at when registering government rehabilitation centres in South Africa:

  1. Ensuring that the premises are suitable for residents.

  2. Ensuring that the staff are qualified and registered with the appropriate boards.

  3. Standards are specified when dealing with detoxification, assessments and treatment procedures.

  4. Types of clinical disciplines and assessment criteria are documented and evaluated.

  5. A thorough nutritional program is taken into account.

  6. Limitations and regulations on the time allocated to residents for duties, sessions, groups and assignments.

Imagine the impact if any one of these norms and standards are neglected. PRC Recovery prides itself to include all these aspects in our programme, building our reputation to become a leading treatment facility in South Africa.