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Support Groups

Community, Compassion, Connection

Support groups play a pivotal role in the recovery journey, offering a nurturing environment where individuals and their families can find understanding, encouragement, and empowerment.


In Their Own Words: What Our Clients Have to Say

Client feedback holds immense value for us. By actively seeking and considering the input of our clients, we gain assurance that we are meeting their expectations and delivering on our promises. Their feedback not only affirms our current strategies but also provides insights into areas where we excel, allowing us to leverage those strengths further.

For The Family

Empowering Families to Navigate the Challenges

We understand the profound impact addiction can have on families, recognizing that it affects everyone involved. We acknowledge the pain and challenges faced, often surpassing those of the person struggling with addiction. By gaining insight into the nature of addiction and learning how to support both the loved one and themselves, you can make a significant difference on this journey towards healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Guide to Common Questions

An excellent method for addressing common queries and concerns efficiently, it offers quick access to essential information, providing you with the answers you need without delay.

Admission Correspondence

Quick Access to Important Communication & Documents

Find all admission forms and information needed for admission. 

Our Causes

Empowering Change, One Cause at a Time

At Pace Recovery, we believe in the profound significance of giving back. This is our privilege and honour, leaving a lasting legacy of kindness, generosity, and compassion. 


Local Stays in our Breathtaking Town

When seeking accommodation for yourself during admission or visitation, we recommend the following local places.


Connecting Minds, Sharing Perspectives, Inspiring Change

Your go-to destination for all things related to addiction and recovery.

On-Line Programs

Virtual Healing Space Where We Connect, Recover, and Thrive

Step into a supportive online environment tailored specifically for addiction treatment.

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