Apart from the treatment philosophy and therapeutic goals, the following is incorporated into our program offering a holistic approach focusing on body, mind and soul. 


Our physical component of the programme is also built in daily to te schedules. Our aim is to advocate for a healthy body. Although it is not our intention to force a strict exercise regime onto any client, some sort of light physical exercise will be mandatory unless supported with medical evidence.


Spirituality will be discussed in individual sessions, step work and group activities. Meditation sessions will also be incorporated daily before the first group activity. To improve spiritual health, we need stillness of body and mind. Connecting sometimes come from the art of learning and practice makes perfect. 


Clients are given rest and relaxation slots during the program. It is important to realise that through active addiction, certain things become mundane and boredom can be uncomfortable. Re-discovering what they like to do with free tme is a necessary component to the treatment of addiction. 


3 Daily meals are provided based on a menu designed by a dietician. Healthy eating restores the body and mind and supplementary vitamin B is given daily. 


We strive to take the clients out bi-weekly to experience the beautiful nature our surroundings have to offer.