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Testimony: "I did not want to exist. I wanted more out of life. I now want to live."

When I came to PRC recovery my life was unmanageable. I was powerless over the disease of addiction. I was selfish and self-centered, obsessive and compulsive.

I had hit rock bottom, I was at a place where I could no longer deny the nature of my problems. So I started with the program and I learned to surrender. I accepted that recovery is the solution.

I did not want to exist. I wanted more out of life. I now want to live. At PRC Recovery I got in touch with spiritual principles and learned how to use them in my daily living. Realizing there is another way to live, and being willing to try that way.

With the help of powers greater than myself and my Higher Power I am positive, I will be restored to sanity and recover from the disease of addiction.

Individual Counselling

Persty still needs guidance. A humble spirit goes a long way. Innocentia is just good. Also able to come to your level, high or low.

Group Counselling

Group sessions are always great. You get a different perspective from different people which widens your understanding of the subject matter.

Step work Counselling

My coach explained in detail how step work should be done. I understood the instructions very well. Whenever I had problems she was always willing and able to help.


Facility is good, comfortable. A good place to stay in treatment.


Meals are okay. Maybe you can look at the portions, especially when there are rolls for lunch. One roll is not enough.


I have learned a lot of things from the meetings and group sessions. Very informative.


Watch out for groups, clicks that can form in the facility.

What Makes PRC Different?

PRC Recovery is recovery orientated. At first I was unable to understand why such strict rules were implemented. Then when I started with the program I realized that as an alcoholic I need order, routine in my life. So everything that is done at the facility is there to better the lives of the clients so that they can live their best lives after treatment.

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