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Testimony: "PRC Recovery gave me new hope, they taught me how to be kind to myself again."

Before I came to PRC Recovery my life was unmanageable and I was powerless over my addiction. My life was a mess.

Since my arrival at PRC Recovery, I realized that my life can be restored to sanity.

PRC Recovery gave me new hope, they taught me how to be kind to myself again.

I learned how to deal with all the old wounds that were now scratched open. I can take all that I have learned on the road to recovery when I leave.

PRC Recovery will be there for me if I need help after I have left.

Individual Counselling

The counselors know what they are talking about and have a lot of experience in what they do.

Group Counselling

I learned a lot from the groups I attended. The topics were great and I could relate. I understand for instance a lot more about anger management.

Step work Counselling

I did not do much step-work counseling, and my time at PRC Recovery was short.


The facility is very good and caters to your every need.


Well-balanced meals. The food was good.


I had problems in this area. The fellowship was a bit overwhelming for me.

The fellowship is a safe space to go to. I learned a lot from other people's testimonies. Sharing my own experience helped to bring out all the pain I had inside. I learned from the fellowship that there are a lot of people going through the same things I am.


All and all great staff that will go the extra mile for you. They worked very hard to make it special for me.

What makes PRC recovery different?

The fact that you get room to find yourself and start working on your problems. They bring out all your pain and showed me how to deal with all the different emotions. I did not know about any of the emotions, I bottled up for many years until I came to PRC Recovery.

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