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Testimony: "When I walk out of here today I will start living for the first time."

Updated: Feb 12

I came here thinking that alcohol was my problem, but soon realized that everything I thought I knew was wrong.

PRC Recovery has taken me from being nothing to realizing that I am everything. I feel true peace in my heart. I don’t think I have ever felt this before.

The insanity of controlling every little aspect of my life has been driving me insane. Releasing my mind and soul over to a Higher Power has given me freedom and joy.

Admitting that I have no control has taken away the control I thought alcohol had over me, and that is true power.

When I walk out of here today I will start living for the first time. It is never too late to truly be grateful. PRC Recovery and the clients will be in my heart forever.

Individual Counselling

At first, I was scared to open up, I have however gained more confidence to ask questions. The counseling I received managed to break down walls and even got me to cry, which in my experience is a miracle.

Group Counselling

I have learned so much. Every single time there has been a moment where I went “Oh!” and utilized the information, I will continue to do so outside.

Step Work Counselling

It is sad to say that I will have to get another sponsor/coach. Morne is straight to the point and I love that. I also want to mention that every single other person eg. Megan and Onthene has helped and taught me so much.


I was in boarding school from an early age, so this whole setup was like home for me. The place is clean, the rooms are comfortable and the bathrooms are perfect.


Well, at first I wanted KFC, but again boarding school helped with this. The meals are healthy and tasteful. So much so that the meal plan actually provides comfort in knowing what to expect. I am going to follow the same plan at home.


It has been interesting. Every single person has contributed to me. Whether a situation was positive/negative, I was able to learn and take something from it all.


I was terrified of coming to rehab. I myself had a prejudice against “junkies”. I am ashamed of that. I will now go out and educate people about addiction.

What makes PRC recovery different?

It is absolutely about the program. I loved the statement about the re-program schedule. It is not about the clean time. It is not about cappuccinos, it is about recognizing your drug of choice as a symptom of your disease.

It is constant and strict which is necessary because as an addict I had zero rules, and zero accountability, I did what I wanted when I wanted.

I will miss this place greatly! Morne, Onthene, and Megan, may you be as blessed as you have blessed me.

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