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Testimony: "I totally came to PRC Recovery not knowing what to expect."

Updated: Feb 12

I totally came to PRC Recovery not knowing what to expect. The staff was very friendly and made me feel at home.

PRC Recovery can only be thanked for its good program and the help they give.

I can only thank you guys who gave me the tools and showed me how to use them.

If I “F” up it is my own fault, not yours.

Individual Counselling

I think more individual counseling would have been helpful.

Group Counselling

Group counseling was great

Step work Counselling

Step work is absolutely important, it is the heart of the program so I will say more one-on-one step work counseling.


The facility is good. It is just the drains in the men's showers that need to be looked after more often.


Meals are a good enough portion if you eat all your food. If you have any problems with the food then you are absolutely spoiled.


Topic-related meetings with staff members who are recovering addicts are present.


Stick to the program, don't change the program because there is no counselor available.

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