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Testimony: "PRC Recovery helped me make a difference in my life"

Updated: Feb 12

I had a really amazing time. So much care and attention, lots of effort put into all the different aspects of life here on this property.

I would highly recommend anyone struggling to approach PRC recovery and help make a difference in one's life.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling was great, easy people to talk to with really good insight and wisdom.

Group Counselling

Group counselling was so beneficial, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Step Work Counselling

The summary work done with Mart was great and really insightful. Loved working the twelve steps.


The facility was great - no complaints.


The food was really good for the most part seeing that I am vegan. Sometimes it was not great and the portions were not big enough, but all in all it was good.


The sense of community and respect was good.


I had a generally good time. Enjoyed PRC recovery as a whole.

What makes PRC Recovery different?

"The duties and general labor as goodwill the clients do for the general upkeep of the facility I think really adds value to the recovery process. Having recovering addicts as coaches I think makes a difference together with the facility being outside any major cities. " Anonymous DR

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