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What inspired you to work in this field?

I have experience only in normal administration and was not aware of what addiction really was.

What motivated you to join the team?

I was inspired when I started understanding the disease and understand that you can choose sobriety.

What unique qualities or experience do you bring to your role?

I am dedicated to learn how to help the team in any way I can.

What aspects of your job do you find most rewarding?

Being part of a team that makes a difference.

Memorable success story?

A memorable moment is where I could not find closure with the passing of my dad, I was stuck in life could not move forward. After guidance from our psychologist it helped me a lot to move forward.

What do you find challenging working in this field?

The manipulation from the clients can be very difficult.

What values or principles guide your approach to supporting the clients?

Not judging anyone’s journey.

What is your personal mission statement?

To inspire others to achieve great things in life and learn life’s lesson along the way.


Outside of work, what are some of your interests or hobbies?

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