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13 November 2018


I started without hope and just took it one day at a time until I felt like I have overcome the impossible. Staying clean without using.


I became a new person and I believe I will never use again.

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I became a new person and I believe I will never use again.

When I arrived at Pace Recovery I was broken and I didn't know what to do with my life. I was living a painful life. I never used to trust anyone and all I wanted was to die so I can find peace. Pace Recovery welcomed me with peace and they promise me I will get help and everything will turn out good but I never had hope. I started with my program without hope but I was able to open up and I was just taking it one day at a time until I reach all my steps and now I feel like I overcome the impossible. I made it to 85 days without using again and I believe I will never use it again and I became a new person who is happy to be alive and ready to start a new journey of my life with peace and faith. I am grateful to be here and for all the hard work I have done to make it this far and for all the help I have got. My Higher Power will protect me all the way to the end.

Individual Counselling

I had most of my Individual Counselling with Daniele and he helped me a lot because I was able to open up to him and whenever I had a problem he was always there to listen and he understood me a lot. I had other sessions with other counsellors and it was hard at first to open up but I did and they did help me a lot.

Group Counselling

Group sessions were the best because we figured how to deal with certain problems together and we come up with solutions together which did help me a lot and I was able to talk about my problems and get different advice which helped me to be myself not what other people want me to be.

Step Work Counselling

Most of my Step Work Counselling I had with Daniele and he guided me all the way and he is a good listener and I was able, to be honest with him from the start I wish I had a lot of sessions with Mart because I only 3 sessions with him and those 3 sessions changed my life a lot.


This place is a good place I enjoyed being here and I was able to rest and relax and enjoy listening to my music more especially in the gym and it is peaceful and quiet which I find so nice and it helped to find myself and what I love in life.


I never eat beef before but it wasn't so bad and I enjoyed some of the food which I have never eaten before and am glad am going home able to eat beef and am going to continue eating beef other than that the food was okay.


The AA Fellowship was nice. I was able to see that I was not the one who was suffering alone and the power of the Fellowship it is big and it helps if you believe in it and I believe I am going to stay sober and I did.


Everything was okay but the only thing I didn't like is too much drama in the house which I didn't care about at first but as time went on it started to anger me because other people weren't serious with recovery and drama just brought negativity.

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