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9 January 2018


I discovered the depths of human kindness, understanding and generosity that forms the foundations on which this program is built.


I discovered the foundations of this program at PRC Recovery.

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I discovered the foundations of this program at PRC Recovery.

Wherever my journey in life may lead, I will forever regard PRC as the place where I was allowed to discover how to take my first steps. When I arrived, I had no expectation, I had no hope, I had no faith, not in others & certainly not in myself. However the management & staff would waste no time in getting to work & within the 3 months I came to stay at PRC I would discover the depths of human kindness, understanding & generosity that form the foundations on which this program is built. Lines between clients & staff are often blurred by the sheer effort to engage with clients on a personal level. All to help us discover our own way, our own strengths, values & reasons for wanting to live sober & clean lives. You always have my trust, love & gratitude, thank you to the staff that contributed to my recovery.

Individual Counselling

My experience with having Jane as my counsellor has been invaluable. I don't see how I would have been able to grow in the ways that I know I have, without compassion & guidance. She is patient, kind, and honest & her ability to make me feel understood astounds me.

Group Counselling

Except for a handful of groups, it has been an informative & positive experience. I have taken valuable insight from the content itself & the group facilitators. Jane, Priscilla & Kathy are engaging, positive & inviting. Overall a great asset.

Step Work Counselling

Mart allowed me to formulate my own way by challenging me & also allowing me to express myself. I personally took a lot from working the steps & found that although we didn't always agree, Mart made me feel comfortable.


The facility itself is perfectly equipped, neat, clean & comfortable. With the exception of the electricity outages which caused some challenges, my time here was without any inconvenience or struggle.


The food has always been delicious & the portions generous. I found the diet balanced & healthy. I also found that at mealtimes, there was a pleasant and social atmosphere hosted in kindness & comfort.


It is understandable that the area makes for slow growth concerning outside visitors & newcomers to the fellowship, but that will change as time goes on. I think that allowing the clients to chair meetings allows them to feel an equal part & that's good.


The staff are friendly, inviting & kind. The program is open & invites initiative & allows for self-discovery.

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