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Testimony: "Every moment here was changing the way I look at things"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: JonathanM

When I came to PRC I was lost I didn't know what or who I was but the more I followed the programme the more alive I got, every moment I spent here was changing the way I look at things but if it wasn't for the recovery team I wouldn't have made it this far. Such loving, caring, understanding people and I pray they keep doing a good deed for others as well. God bless.

Individual Counselling

My counselling sessions here were heavenly meant to be all of them were helpful towards my recovery and extremely good because I've learned a lot out of them.

Group Counselling

Explosive I loved each and every one of them because they were uplifting for me, I never slept in anyone of them.

Step Work Counselling

Eye-opening. I could understand the things that were hurting me from the inside and I learned how to let it all go and forgive myself before anything.


The place is well put together and mind-clearing the structure of the place is alive.


I loved the meals and every day came something different made with stardust.


Caring loving and respectful made me feel at home and they understood where I come from.


I feel blessed to have taken this road/path in my life I mean many people don't get this and I'm one of the lucky ones to have had a chance to learn new things that will help me stay clean.

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