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Testimony: "My mind is refreshed and I can enjoy a life without using"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: BonganiS

I have experienced that I am lucky to be in recovery at a young age. Meditation and yoga was a great experience for me and it is one of the things I will keep on doing for the rest of my life. I have experienced that I don’t have to do something in exchange for something or have expectations for money/something that is going to be a reward. I have experienced the importance of routine as it is important for me as an addict to be occupied all the time. I used my DOC as a replacement for doing something productive. It is going to hurt when I leave but I appreciate this place because I am the new me because of PRC Recovery!

Individual Counselling:

Compliments to all the counsellors, coaches and my sponsor, for being with me from day one and for believing in me and helping me in my recovery.

Group Counselling:

To be honest, having groups was fortunate for me because I have learnt a lot from every group slot and it has created a maximum impact in my life.

Step Work Counselling:

Step work is the healing process for me because all the knowledge I have was from the step work book. If it was not for step work I would probably have no idea about my addiction. I have recognized my mistakes and I have learned from them.


PRC Recovery is a good environment for recovery. There is a variety of things to do in order to keep your mind off the thoughts of using. I dealt with my cravings through exercising and bodybuilding. I appreciate the privilege of access to the gym.


To be honest I randomly enjoyed the meals.


Through fellow recovering addicts I have learnt multiple things from their experience, for instance: How to stay clean in recovery and how to deal with situations that have to do with addiction.


Compliments to equal treatment, I appreciate that I have never experienced any form of favouritism. I appreciate the privilege of going out to swim, it actually refreshed my mind and I could enjoy life without using.

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