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Testimony: "I had love & support through my own personal healing process"

Updated: Mar 9

Testimony: Anonymous - WS

Before recovery, I was living from blackout to blackout. I was mentally, emotionally and spiritually unwell. I pushed my body to the point where I ended up on a ventilator in ICU. That was my rock bottom. I no longer wanted to live a life where I was constantly creeping nearer and nearer to death. Then I came to PRC Recovery. After a few days of settling in, I found a family who wanted to love and support me through my own personal healing process. Each member brought their own, sometimes quirky personality to the table. Because of the holistic clinical and spiritual approach to recovery I am now a changed man. Living the program of Narcotics Anonymous, I got my life back.

Individual Counselling

I found the individual counselling intimate, honest and a place where I could freely express my feelings, thoughts and views. My opinions were respected and I learned a lot from these sessions.

Group Counselling

The group sessions are all-encompassing. Teachings from the basics like personal hygiene to the more delicate aspects such as grief and communication.

Step Work Counselling

Although the periods between sessions were sometimes prolonged, the facilitators were insightful, dignified and honest. I learned a lot about myself and my disease in these sessions.


The facility is quite old, but the renovations taking place is giving the facility a lovely facelift.


The meals are amazing. The cooks rotate giving most of the staff turns to cook. I have not had a single meal which was not absolutely lovely.


The fellowship becomes your family. A place without judgement and radiating love, it is easy to allow the people you are surrounded with to become your family and support system.


PRC Recovery is a facility that treats the disease of addiction holistically. The clinical based approach, as well as individualized treatment, make for an ideal combination in the recovery process.


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