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Testimony: "We’re not the monsters we thought we were, we are accepted"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: TheoVN

Although I have been underestimated I have proved I'm not scared to work. If I work with intense and I work properly. Pace Recovery Centre has taught me a lot about addiction and that we all are accepted by the public, and we all are not the monsters we thought we were. This is an excellent recovery centre. I would also give the whole worlds compliments to the staff of Pace Recovery Centre.

Individual Counselling

It was very good and I'm hoping to get telephone numbers if something happens to the phone and speak about the problem.

Group Counselling

This was very good as well. I enjoyed it when our group had to play a game in our group sessions.

Step Work Counselling

It was quick and sufficient.


It is very efficient for any courses to be presented.


The meals were excellent.


The Sabie fellowship is very good, but the distance is a far distance to come for meetings.


We all have learned a lot about our addiction disease and that it's going to be a lifelong battle to win this disease.

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