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Testimony: "PRC Recovery put my whole outlook on life into perspective"

Updated: Feb 12

PRC Recovery was the stepping stone that put my whole outlook on life into perspective. I am very grateful to have had this experience and gained the necessary tools for my recovery. Thank you for your guidance, support and care throughout my stay.

Individual Counselling

The counsellors were always available when I needed help or guidance. Onthene always made me feel better when I got stuck or had a problem, or just needed someone to talk to.

Group Counselling

As my stay was very short I only attended a few group counselling sessions. They were all very informative and helpful.

Step Work Counselling

The step work was very daunting when I first started but Onthene helped so much in understanding the work and what I needed to complete the work thoroughly.


I had a very comfortable stay and had everything I needed. A suggestion from personal experience is that the showers could possibly do some work. Otherwise, everything was comfortable.


The meals were amazing. We had a wide variety of different meals, always cooked amazingly and always on time.


I was welcomed into the homegroup with open arms immediately and it was such a good experience to hear everyone's stories and to be able to share my own as well. The support from everyone was incredible.


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