Testimony: Anonymous - FS


When I came here from AKESO I just knew a little about the twelve steps but I did not work the twelve steps like I worked here. It made me realise that recovery is possible. First my seven reflections opened my mind and I started having some freedom and courage. After doing and reading my life story I became more courageous and relieved. I started developing courage when I worked the stepwork. I realised many things about myself that I need help, especially from my Higher Power. The sponsor is really having a good program that I think is best for my recovery. I am really going to continue working with you guys for my recovery. I will also recommend you to other addicts who might need help.

Individual Counselling

My individual counselling with Noxolo (Octavea), Margret and Diederick was awesome. I learned a lot from this three counselors. Each of them has his/her gift in counselling. Keep it up guys God bless.

Group Counselling

I learned a lot from my fellow clients in our groups. All the clients were willing to help me when I needed help. They also listened when I made my input.

Step Work Counselling

Thanks to Mart for your honesty in doing step work. You constructively criticized. With me I like people like you who builds me by being honest. Onthene I will always remember you. I ran to you whenever I had a problem with step work. Keep it up and God bless.


Beds are not as comfortable as I expected. Toilets and bathrooms ok. Dining and kitchen very good. Nice classes and offices.


Meals was ok although I am not used to some of them. But I was never hungry here at PRC Recovery.


The NA meetings was very good for my recovery. I learned a lot from the meetings. AA meetings was my best because I am an alcoholic. I will continue with this fellowship.


The step work and meetings with fellow addicts through NA & AA made me aware of my addiction. I really hope that recovery from my addiction is possible. I am happy to work my recovery here at PRC Recovery.


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