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Testimony: "Work the steps and you'll understand why and how to deal with it"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: Anonymous - AKC

My experience here at PRC recovery was good. It was good to see people can get better. At first, I did not like the things we had to do, but by accepting and trusting in the process things got better, I got better. I am now starting a new life. The program is working for me and my family. I have hope. Thanks to the people at PRC recovery who helped save my life.

Individual Counselling

Thanks to Octavea, for her help in my recovery. It was hard but it works. She helped me a lot.

Group Counselling

Thanks to all the people that facilitated the groups, it helped me a lot.

Step Work Counselling

Thanks to Mornè for helping me with my step work, it helped me a lot.


The facility is great, I enjoyed the fact that it is so close to nature.


The AA and NA meetings helped me open up and speak a bit more. I learned to listen to the shares of other addicts which made me think about my own recovery.


Good days mostly. There were bad days too, but if you work the steps you will understand why and how to deal with it. I really enjoyed games night, lots of fun.

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