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Testimony: "Thank you PRC for making me the best person I could ever be"

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Testimony: MoniqueH

Dear PRC recovery. Thank you for changing my life, making me see that this journey was my purpose. Thank you PRC recovery for making me the best person I could ever be, all with the grace of God. May you all be blessed and change more lives. By far the best rehab in the world. Love you lots and God bless.

Individual Counselling

Persty, Onthene and Octavea were very nice and always calming when I had a problem.

Group Counselling

Very insightful and helpful, relieving at the same time.

Step Work Counselling

Onthene is absolutely amazing, speaks with such kind words but always gets her point across. Thank you.


The facility is great, I have nothing to complain about. Clean and serene.


Fabulous, I spent time in the kitchen, helped prepare some of the meals, it was an awesome experience.


The greatest experience I have ever had.


No complaints. My journey at PRC recovery was one I will never forget.

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