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Why choose PRC Recovery?

Updated: Jan 16

Why choose PRC Recovery?
Why Choose PRC Recovery Infographic

Like you, many other families are faced with the challenge of finding a treatment centre for their loved ones. I don’t know about you, but this is a very daunting task for most of them. But we hope that through our experience of helping over 400 families since our doors opened in October 2017, we can help you through this next step.

There is a lot to take in when dealing with addiction. But what are the key factors to consider?

  • Registered Centre – All checks are in place and you are assured that we comply with legislation to provide a safe environment for your loved one.

  • Program –. We do not use a “one-size-fits-all approach”. We individualise each person’s treatment plan and is discussed in one-on-one counselling sessions. We believe in therapy and we are not a working rehab.

  • Family Integration – We do not only work with your loved one, family participation is an extremely important component of our program.

  • Aftercare – It’s hard work to overcome drug or alcohol use. But the intention is to stay clean. The aftercare is crucial to maintain sobriety.

What makes evidence-based therapy effective and how does it tie in with an individualised approach?

The bottom line is no one person is the same. Each person brings into treatment unique challenges, background and insight to their problems. That’s why tailor-making their treatment plan we address problem areas identified in conjunction with relapse prevention. That’s where evidence-based therapy comes in. These are techniques used that have been clinically proven to work and the best part is there are different techniques/approaches based on the individual. So not only is the treatment plan unique, but the therapy is also unique to the person.

How exactly does Life Coaching help?

Through the individualised plan and therapy received, we’ve recognised challenges and found solutions. Life coaching sets the next stage by setting goals and using effective measures to achieve them long-term.

Why is Narcotics Anonymous Twelve Steps the way to go?

Narcotics Anonymous Step Work is extremely comprehensive with nearly 400 self-reflecting questions being worked through. NA also doesn’t distinguish between different addictions and therefore are used for any substances abused and behaviours. The most important aspect of this Twelve Step Program is that it specifically looks at it from a disease perspective, not that it is a moral failing. And for long-term sobriety, there are hundreds of meetings countrywide which forms part of the support system in recovery. Look at the staggering numbers identified on the 2018 World NA membership survey below:

NA Membership Survey

So why take action? It’s never too late to find help. But by not taking action, there is always the strong possibility that things could get worse. Even if the drug or alcohol use is considered mild to moderate, there is no telling when it could escalate to severe addiction. We are here to help give the best possible advantage of overcoming addiction.

Choose us as your partner to start you on your new journey of re-discovery. A path that is enlightening and inspiring and allows you to be all you can be.

Contact us today or visit our site for more information on our programme.


Explore the reasons to choose PRC Recovery for personalised addiction treatment. With a registered centre, individualised programs, family involvement, and crucial aftercare, we prioritize your loved one's well-being. Understand the effectiveness of evidence-based therapy tailored to each individual. Discover the role of life coaching in setting and achieving long-term goals. Embrace the comprehensive Narcotics Anonymous 12 Steps for a disease-focused perspective and a wide support network. It's never too late to seek help; let us guide you on the journey of re-discovery. Contact us today or visit our site for detailed program information.

Registered Centre - Compliance and Safety Assurance:

PRC Recovery emphasizes the importance of being a registered centre, ensuring that all necessary checks and regulations are in place. Compliance with legislation provides a safe and secure environment for individuals undergoing treatment. This point reflects the commitment to maintaining high standards and prioritizing the safety of those seeking help for addiction.

Individualised Treatment Program:

Family Integration - A Crucial Component:

Aftercare - Sustaining Sobriety:

Evidence-Based Therapy and Individualisation:

Narcotics Anonymous 12 Steps - Comprehensive Approach:

In conclusion, the blog encourages individuals to take action against addiction, emphasizing that it's never too late to seek help. PRC Recovery positions itself as a supportive partner in the journey of rediscovery, offering personalized, evidence-based, and comprehensive programs to address addiction challenges.



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