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12-Month Rehab Program

12-Months Tertiary Program 

Our 12-month rehabilitation program represents a significant extension of the initial treatment phases, providing individuals with an extensive platform to consolidate and reinforce their progress towards recovery.


Our comprehensive 12-month rehabilitation program offers individuals a unique opportunity to continue their journey of recovery with depth and intentionality. By consolidating progress, reinforcing skills and insights, and delving deeper into their recovery journey, participants can cultivate the resilience, self-awareness, and coping strategies necessary for sustained sobriety and long-term wellness. Through ongoing support and guidance, we empower individuals to embrace a life free from the grip of addiction, filled with hope, purpose, and fulfilment.




  • Medical & Psychological Assessment

  • Psychosocial Assessment



  • Self-Reflections

  • Life-Story

Personality Profiling

Personality Profiling

  • Myers Briggs Personality Profiling

Family Sessions

Family Sessions

  • Entry Session

  • Exit Session

  • Progress Updates

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

  • Clinical

  • 12-Steps

  • Holistic Healing

Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions

  • Clinical

  • 12-Steps Coaching

  • Restoring Relationships

Integrated Healing

Integrated Healing 

  • TRE *

  • BSR *

  • Reiki *

  • Equine Therapy

Fellowship Meetings

Fellowship Meetings

  • Narcotics Anonymous

  • Alcoholic Anonymous

* Depending on individual assessment and terms of program discounts


Affordable Excellence in Addiction Treatment


We understand that the path to sobriety is deeply personal and filled with challenges. That's why our addiction treatment programs are designed to strike a delicate balance between accessibility and maintaining an uncompromised quality of care.


Our commitment is unwavering: to offer an industry-leading program that effectively supports lasting change, all while ensuring that our services remain as cost-effective as possible. By integrating evidence-based practices with the latest in treatment innovations, we make every effort to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder anyone's journey to recovery, providing a range of options to fit various budgets without sacrificing the calibre or intensity of our care.

Despite a keen focus on making addiction treatment affordable, we never compromise on the quality of our program. Standing as a testament to excellence within the addiction treatment sphere, our approach is underpinned by a highly skilled team of professionals and a history of successful outcomes. 

Our programs include daily activities such as group sessions and one-on-one counselling, along with provided meals and accommodation.

- Pay Upfront -

Get Up to 20% Off *

* Terms and Conditions Apply


Our diverse range of program options is designed with affordability and accessibility in mind, ensuring that all treatments are payable through medical aid, with co-payments calculated to ease the financial burden on our clients.


In our commitment to making recovery more accessible, we offer an additional incentive: pay upfront for your program and receive up to 20% discount, subject to terms and conditions.


This approach underscores our dedication to providing flexible, cost-effective solutions for those seeking help on their journey to sobriety, ensuring that financial constraints do not stand in the way of quality addiction treatment.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Client feedback holds immense value for us. By actively seeking and considering the input of our clients, we gain assurance that we are meeting their expectations and delivering on our promises. Their feedback not only affirms our current strategies but also provides insights into areas where we excel, allowing us to leverage those strengths further.

"When I walk out of here today, I will start living for the first time."


Choosing A Treatment Program

The journey to recovery is deeply personal, and finding a program that resonates with your unique needs, preferences, and circumstances can seem daunting.

We understand the weight of this decision and the myriad of considerations that come with it. That's why we're committed to standing beside you every step of the way.

The decision to seek help is a monumental first step, and we're here to walk alongside you as you move forward on this transformative journey.

A carefully orchestrated intervention can be crucial in encouraging your loved one to embrace addiction treatment. We're here to support and guide you through this vital process.

Learn about effective strategies and recommendations for initiating the conversation with your loved one. Discover insightful tips and guidance to help you navigate this important discussion with care and confidence.

Starting a Conversation about Addiction
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