People like us can recover and stay recovered, thank you PRC

I would like to thank the staff at Pace, Janine, Mart, Margret and Kathy for the understanding and support throughout my stay here. I am grateful for the compassion shown to me. I want to thank Janine for going out of her way so that my daughter and I were able to have a relationship again. Doing the 12 step programme I have hope again. People like us can recover and stay recovered. Individual Counselling Individual counselling helped me on so many levels. Janine helped my relationship with my daughter which did become a problem for me at some stage. Margret was so understanding when it came to me speaking to my family. Group Counselling I have enjoyed all group counselling. I learnt so much

PRC was a road of self-discovery and I found myself again

My experience here at PRC was phenomenal. I came here not knowing what to expect but I soon came to realise it is exactly what I needed. I was on a road of self-discovery and found myself again. I was given a second chance to live a life without the use of drugs. I can finally love myself again for who I am. Individual Counselling The individual counselling helped me a lot due to the fact that I started to love me more and accepted myself a bit more. Group Counselling Groups were interesting due to the fact that they teach us more about things we did not know about such as boundaries. Step Work Counselling It was very helpful doing the steps and being able to talk to someone that can give me

@PRC I learned how to forgive myself and let go and let God

I arrived at Pace Recovery Centre feeling hopeless. I thought I was a bad person, I won’t be helped. The staff and clients gave me love and care made me feel as part of the family. They helped me through the program and I came to realise that I was not a bad person, I had just done bad things. I learned how to be happy again and most importantly I learned how to live a productive sober life. Pace Recovery Centre gave my life back and I will forever be grateful to them for that. I learned how to forgive myself and let go and let God. Individual Counselling Individual counselling was very good, they made me to be opened, giving me advice and listening without judging. Help me to overcome my pe


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