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Embracing the Connection:
Dual Diagnosis Treatment to Recovery

Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

Dual Diagnosis Rehab South Africa

Substance abuse is frequently intertwined with underlying psychiatric disorders, making it imperative to address both aspects when treating addiction.

In South Africa, Dual Diagnosis Treatment represents a relatively recent advancement in the field of addiction recovery, as it is estimated to impact up to 45% of individuals diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder. Traditionally, mental health disorders and addiction were treated separately until the 1990s.

PRC Recovery takes a comprehensive approach that rejects strict segregation between psychiatric health and addiction. Instead, we view these realms as interconnected, recognizing the need to blend effective elements from mental health care and substance abuse treatment into our overall philosophy of addressing drug abuse and alcohol dependence.

By considering these areas as part of a continuum, we integrate the most successful aspects of both disciplines, ensuring a holistic and personalized approach to treatment. This approach acknowledges the interconnectedness between mental health and addiction, enabling us to provide comprehensive care that addresses the unique needs of individuals facing both challenges.

At PRC Recovery, we are committed to breaking down barriers and offering a compassionate and integrated treatment approach that recognizes and attends to the intricate relationship between mental health and addiction.​


If you meet the diagnostic criteria for both a mental health disorder (such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, or a personality disorder) and an addictive disorder (such as alcoholism, drug addiction, and other process addictions), you may be identified as a Dual Diagnosis client when you enter treatment. Effective treatment for Dual Diagnosis entails addressing both your addiction and your mental illness as integral components of your recovery process.

Our approach to Dual Diagnosis treatment involves several key components:

  • Psychological and Medical Assessment: Thorough assessments are conducted to screen for potential barriers and identify any underlying conditions.

  • Intake Assessments: Comprehensive life history questionnaires are utilized to identify any previous diagnoses and challenges that may impact treatment.

  • Daily Inventory and Mood Journal: Regular monitoring of your thoughts, behaviours, emotions, and medication effects helps identify patterns and track progress.

  • Integrated Treatment Plan: A customized treatment plan is developed, addressing both disorders as interconnected mental health issues.

  • Group Therapy and Individual Counseling: These sessions provide a supportive environment for skill-building, coping strategies, education, and personal growth.

  • Physical and Nutritional Program: Emphasis is placed on promoting healthier lifestyles through physical well-being and proper nutrition.

  • Aftercare Planning and Relapse Prevention: Tailored aftercare plans consider potential barriers and include strategies for relapse prevention.

  • Referral for Additional Support: Positive screenings are referred to our consulting clinical psychologist and/or consulting psychiatrist for confirmation, therapeutic intervention, and potential medication management.

By offering a comprehensive approach that integrates mental health and addiction treatment, we strive to provide effective support and interventions that address the unique needs of dual-diagnosis clients. Our goal is to facilitate lasting recovery and promote overall well-being.

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