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22 September 2022


At PRC Recovery, I began discovering myself after years of addiction and hardship. Transformative teachings and hard work pave the way to success and self-love.


What PRC teaches goes straight to the heart and transforms a person.

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What PRC teaches goes straight to the heart and transforms a person.

I walked in here as a broken person with no clue of who I was, just a master's degree in 20 years plus of addiction, prison and tons of deaths. I have started finding myself with small things like crying, honesty and commitment to try to discover myself again. I still don't know who I am or that I love myself yet, as this is the hardest thing I am going to do in my life so far and it will continue like this till I die one day. At least I like my new self and am willing to put in all I can to transform what I like to love but that will take time and hard work. What they teach here goes straight to the heart and transforms a person bit by bit and when you leave here and put in the hard work your life will become a success and full of love. Power to the hard-working recovering addict. Power.

Individual Counselling

My counsellor was very strict and what she could do was just inspire me with her shares and her experiences. The thing I liked most was that she also was an addict (not any substances), as all people are addicts and she was able to put herself in our shoes to help us.

Group Counselling

All the classes were very informative, and I learned a lot of new things here and believe that I will be able to beat this addiction this time. What I like about these groups is that we talk about the class, and you got to hear different perspectives.

Step Work Counselling

Look, my step work coach was great. I don't know how she knew what questions to ask at the right time, but she knew. When I cried my eyes out, she only asked simple questions and that was what is going to be different this time around. This was when I was done with step 2 and had seen how I hurt my family. She always knew what questions to ask at the right time.


The only two problems I can mention is security, which has freaked out a few people, no security company, what will cameras help? And the beds are bad. I have the only good mattress and I had to wait for someone to leave to get it.


Meals are good but a bit small and could be a bit bigger.


I have seen the benefits of being in a fellowship, as we treat each other with respect and dignity and call each other out on our mistakes. I have learned so much from the fellowship that I have realized that most of my questions that I ask God for help he speaks to me through the fellowship when I get goose bumps over my body, I know God is taking most of the time.


I have found my experience here to be very good and would recommend it to anyone who needs help, there are a few things that could be sorted out, but they don't make that much of a difference anyway.

What Makes PRC Different?

Look other rehabs have a few classes and then workstations but not much time is given for step work, which is a no no. Here at PRC Recovery, we are given a lot of time to complete step work and I see that as a good thing as we can work through the different parts of our issues while writing them down and finding them in ourselves. We are given a lot of freedom here as we are all adults, and we can work on our issues which is nice. And it is much more meaningful to work and find our own problems as we can then see how we can fix them.

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