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16 July 2022


At PRC Recovery, I faced fear and denial, but through step work and support, I discovered hope and the ability to manage addiction. Leaving now, I'm ready to face challenges with newfound strength.


I'm comfortable facing the challenges outside, knowing I'm not alone.

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I'm comfortable facing the challenges outside, knowing I'm not alone.

When I arrived at PRC Recovery I was scared, confused and still in denial that my addiction is a problem. After the first week I noticed while working on step work, attending sessions and also the AA/NA meetings, that I have hurt so many people, myself included. After completing step one and my life story, I realized that I can manage my addiction. I just need to be open-minded and willing to ask for help. Now that I am leaving, I feel comfortable to face the challenges outside, knowing that I am not alone.

Individual Counselling

To discuss my emotions and feelings to the counsellors was hard. After them listening, giving advice and recommendations one feels that you can continue your life. Just need to make some adjustments.

Group Counselling

The interaction on all the group activities was very nice. Getting ideas and feedback from all the people is a great asset as we all have sort of the same problems with different problem solving skills.

Step Work Counselling

During the step work counselling one could see your inner self and understand your addiction and what it has made of you. By going through the work, my coach Morne was very helpful, especially when he wants some clarity on answers given. With this he explained the reason and gave sound advice.


The facility is in need of minor work. Washing, or painting of walls. There are some wasp nests which needs to be removed.


I cant complain about the food. There was always enough for me to eat. It has been a long time since I ate so much food. The food was always tasty.


I enjoyed the NA/AA and JFT meetings. On all the NA/AA meetings I always learned more from people, their character, their problems and how they deal with it. It is also nice to see that I am not alone struggling with the addiction. I love NA/AA.


The beds/mattresses are not good, the gym needs some fixing. I suggest a small generator for load shedding and maybe another JoJo tank as a backup.

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