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5 January 2023


At PRC Recovery, I found peace and clarity amid the noise. Rediscovered myself with determination and confidence to face the world.


I've got the determination and confidence to face the world.

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I've got the determination and confidence to face the world.

I came into PRC Recovery with a lot of noise and clutter in my head. I can happily say that my mind is a lot quieter, focused and most importantly at peace. I have regained sight of who I am and I have got the determination and confidence to face the world.

Individual Counselling

Persty has been a very kind, patient and caring counsellor. In this short space of time, she has taken the time to get to know me and at times I suspect she took her own personal time to see to the well-being of the family unit.

Group Counselling

I had my first occupational therapy session today and it was insightful. The topic was forgiveness and I came to realise that it is just as important to forgive yourself.

Step Work Counselling

Mart has been a good counsellor, his no bullshit approach and brutal honesty is exactly what I needed, above all else he truly cares. He has given me insights that have sparked my inquisitive nature and for that I will be forever grateful.


The facility is decent however improvements can be made. Showers - The drainage system needs to be improved (potential health hazard). Professionalism - There is a reasonable degree but improvements can always be made. Security - It would not hurt to have a security guard.


Portion sizes for the meals need to be larger. The quality of the food is good. Kitchen staff need to wear hair nets. Maybe add a protein source in the breakfast meals.


The NA and AA fellowship has been an eye opening and inclusive experience. I have never felt more comfortable as I have here at PRC Recovery because I am surrounded by people who can relate to my past and present struggles.

What Makes PRC Different?

Personally I chose PRC Recovery because it is surrounded by nature. It gives you a sense of seclusion which is important as it seemingly blocks out the noise of the outside world. The surroundings and beautiful property is extremely relaxing. Apart from the occasional passing car, the only noise you will hear will be one of nature.

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