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14 March 2019


I will miss the long chats at the fireplace and will always remember the help I received. I am very grateful, Thank you PRC Recovery.


I'm not alone and there is such a thing like sober living.

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I'm not alone and there is such a thing like sober living.

After nearly 9 weeks struggling to get me to Pace, a previous client eventually came to get me from my house. My anxiety and fears were off the charts, just a few months ago I was at Akeso and relapsed 104 days later. I wanted to cancel Pace as I didn't know what would be different this time. I was welcomed with so much love from Day 1 to Day zero, A happy house, of course, there was issues, egos and lots of emotions. This was what I needed to see that I'm not alone in my struggles and there is such a thing like sober living. Although I didn't complete my step work, the steps I worked has already changed me and will complete the rest of the steps with help from my sponsor. I didn't always agree with their management style but was a lot more good than bad. I will miss the long chats at the fireplace and will always remember the help I received, I am very grateful, Thanks.

Individual Counselling

The Individual Counselling is very effective, the counsellors are adequate and able to deal and assist with each individual's needs.

Group Counselling

The group classes were educational and gained very valuable knowledge applicable to day to day coping skills. Counsellors each gets a turn to present. Some counsellors struggled to always capture my attention also struggled to give a clear understanding of what they required us to do when handing out tasks.

Step Work Counselling

Daniele would revise step work and progress once a week. Mart would revise step work every few steps. The one on one sessions is productive and helpful. However, I would like to suggest to split all working steps 1 - 4 and give deadlines and guidelines and also have a counsellor present for extra assistance.


The facility is more than adequate, very spacious with huge potential. The dining room could do with ceiling fans. The bathrooms and showers are clean and well kept. The bedrooms also spacious with lockable cupboards, the beds are comfortable but very noisy.


Meals are good. Breakfast a different cereal daily and fruit salad on Sundays. The lunch menu has too much bread, maybe consider some salads or soups. Dinner menus rotate weekly and tasty. On Sundays consider a late (lunch/dinner) something Sunday'ish with a dessert and skip dinner completely. Also some whole fruits for snacking rather than only bread option.


The meetings are great twice a week. Would be great to see more visitors. Also very cool that you go out to support other meetings twice a week.


The recovery centre is still very new and not everything is perfect but Pace is moving in the right direction and was of great help for my recovery.

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