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13 May 2019


PRC Recovery is the choice of sobriety. Recovery is a gift and I could not imagine having completed my program at a different place.


A life changing experience made possible with PRC Recovery.

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A life changing experience made possible with PRC Recovery.

My experience at PRC was literally life-changing. I would like to thank the counsellors and social workers as well as the entire PRC staff for making my recovery possible. I have managed to not only grow personally but also emotionally and mentally. After the 3 months that I have been here, I have also found a sense of belonging in the program of Narcotics Anonymous. I am now a strong and self-sufficient person that can take responsibility for living life on life's terms. I am truly amazed by the experience I have had at PRC, it was way beyond my expectations. My opinions were always heard and my questions answered I was never left in the dark, in fact, the team and Fellowship always brought light to my darkness. After all, I realise that recovery is a gift and I could not imagine having my program completed at a different place. Pace Recovery Centre is the choice of sobriety.

Individual Counselling

I would like to compliment the entire PRC staff for the Individual Counselling. It was always very intensive and I have gained a lot from it on my path to recovery. It was in a professional manner and I have felt like I was respected and my opinions were heard.

Group Counselling

The group counselling was well coordinated. I have learned a lot in terms of life skills and self. Also, a very wide range of different topics was discussed, extremely informative and well-assorted. My questions were always answered and I was left in the clear.

Step Work Counselling

I would like to compliment counsellor Daniele and Mart for always giving me good advice and pushing me with my step work. It was also done professionally, my problem areas were constantly addressed/dealt with in order to improve, up to the point where I became my true self again. Absolutely amazing. Many thanks for all the effort and listening.


The facility of PRC is beyond the ordinary. Extremely good looking area, natural feeling, tall trees and rock outcrops. Behind the walls very well maintained, high safety standards and cleaned on a daily basis.


The meals are very tasty and well balanced. A variety of healthy foods have a great impact on my eating habits. Also, I have had enough to eat most of the times. The food was made and prepared with love and compassion. Compliments to Tannie Rika.


The Fellowship has a big influence on my recovery, there were some ups and downs which is good because such is life. I have learned that looking after myself and my well being is most important yet the community was extremely supportive and uplifting.


In General, I have literally had a life-changing experience and it would not have been possible without the PRC staff and the Fellowship. I would like to compliment the cleaning staff and gardeners for keeping the Facility nice and clean and making the place homie.

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