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30 January 2020


The more I worked the 12 step program of recovery the more alive I started feeling. Today as I am writing this testimonial I am human again.


I am living proof that there is hope for addicts to recover.

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I am living proof that there is hope for addicts to recover.

PRC Recovery saved my life! On 12 October 2019, I was down and out, had nothing to live for. If I did not have the courage to ask for help that Saturday I would be dead right now! I arrived at PRC Recovery with nothing but the clothes on my back - a broken human being. I was fed up with life, the loneliness, the hurt and pain I caused my family and everyone that crossed my path. Working the 12 step program I quickly realized how unmanageable my life was, I was living a lie for half my life. The more I worked the program the more alive I started feeling. I forgot what feelings and emotions were. Today as I am writing this testimonial I am human again. I am like a newborn baby experiencing life for the first time being free from drugs is an indescribable feeling. I have a relationship with my loving family. I have to thank my mother and two brothers Alfred and Jacques for supporting me and never giving up on me. Thank you for all your love! Most of all, I am building on a relationship with my daughter and I have God back in my life. Thank you to all my housemates, counsellors and management at PRC Recovery, you truly are my second family. I have a second chance at life. I am alive! I am living proof that there is hope for addicts. So remember "WE DO RECOVER" Love you all. Morne Hoyer

Individual Counselling

The Individual Counselling sessions was spot on. Counsellors are professional and listen to you when you talk to them, they give advice and are always trying to help. They always make time for you when you need to chat.

Group Counselling

Some of the classes can get a bit boring, but I always got something out of the groups.

Step Work Counselling

Personally, I think that the 12 steps are one of the best programs available, it makes you see where you went wrong, help you realize that you are not a bad person. "We do recover", it is not easy but it is worth it.


Neat and clean. Beds need new mattresses. Something needs to be done about the flies in the dining room.


Three meals a day with four slices of bread and coffee or tea including spreads. Food is good and more than enough.


Amazing. The NA Fellowship accepts me for who and what I am. They have been where I was and know exactly what I need. The support and love are amazing. The meetings are exactly what I need to stay clean.


Overall, the staff is friendly, compassionate and always available when needed. I love the idea that we are called clients, not patients. 12 steps definitely the way to go.

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