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4 April 2021


PRC Recovery helped me to understand my disease. They showed me that I am not a morally defective person. I now have a life purpose.


My previous knowledge did not address my disease deep down.

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My previous knowledge did not address my disease deep down.

I came to PRC Recovery after a failed suicide attempt, at that stage, I could not even get that right. I had given up on everything, believed I was a complete failure and monster. Had nothing to contribute to society at all. The past 14 years of drug and alcohol abuse had eaten away at my very soul, leaving me empty and hopeless. The darkness was closing in, I felt totally alone. I now have a life purpose. My journey is starting again. I probably won't go back to my previous employment but that is okay, I have faith that my Higher Power will lead the way. I need to stay rigorously honest with myself and others. Especially those who are closest to me. There is still a great deal to accomplish in my lifetime. Thanks, PRC recovery. All staff, clients, the teachings of Alcoholics Anonymous and my Higher Power.

Individual Counselling

I did not make as much use of the Individual Counselling as I could have. I made the mistake I usually make of putting others needs before mine. When I did speak to counsellors individually they said what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear, that was good.

Group Counselling

I found the groups on the whole useful and insightful.

Step Work Counselling

The Step Work Counselling I received was exactly what I needed. It was not comfortable but that is okay. I was able to be rigorously honest.


The facility is adequate, and constantly being worked on. There are many much worse, genuinely unpleasant facilities used as recovery centres.


Anybody who complains about the meals at PRC Recovery is ungrateful. Genuine effort is made to accommodate vegetarians. Tersia and the kitchen team have done extraordinarily well.


Older clients seem to fit in better. The newcomer does get welcomed and showed the way very quickly. Once you have gone through the initial settling in period, genuine, sincere, lifelong friendships can be made.


I would have appreciated more sessions. I felt like other clients received special treatment because I always saw them up at the office, I realized soon that it was simply because I wanted special treatment.

What Makes PRC Different?

I have spent time at other facilities. All this taught me were skills I already had and temporarily failed to practise. This knowledge did not address my disease deep down. PRC Recovery helped me understand my disease, they showed me that I am not a morally defective person, that I am not a monster even having done monstrous things. This all comes from the 12 step program. The tools of service, step work, sponsors, meetings and a loving higher power is the key to me making it.

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