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31 October 2022


PRC Recovery provides tools for sobriety and daily humility, guiding you away from past behaviors. Simplifying recovery, transforming lives.


PRC gave me the tools and resources to keep living a sober life.

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PRC gave me the tools and resources to keep living a sober life.

PRC Recovery has not only aided in my journey to sobriety but has equipped me with the necessary tools and resources to keep living a sober life. The recovery program is simple in nature but complex in the sense that it humbles you each and every day of your life into not re-committing to the actions that brought you into the recovery program in the first place.

Individual Counselling

The individual counselling was more eye opening and realistic because it is more intimate and allows for me to be fully engaged in the conversation rather than getting lost in my thoughts and completely misinterpreting what the other person is trying to communicate to me.

Group Counselling

Group counselling is more comedic than it is intense, in my opinion it is a platform to cover pain with laughter and I believe it is a good thing to crack a joke now and again just to see a smile on someone else's face.

Step Work Counselling

Mart is an exceptional person and is simple in the way he interprets or explains the step work material, which I appreciate a lot because in most cases it is the simple format that solves the most complex problems.


The facility is old but made of strong materials it could use a renovation especially in the bathroom. However I felt very comfortable here at PRC Recovery and appreciated the open space and smell of nature surrounding the area.


The meals are excellent and are healthy. The chicken is often dry. However I would rate the meals 8/10 and would like to say thanks to PRC Recovery for keeping us fed.


The overall fellowship in PRC recovery is friendly and warm. Welcoming. Is fair in the way they treat everyone in the program which I view as important, because as much as we do this for our own recovery we need to be mindful of others.


Generally I would recommend PRC Recovery to any individual or family suffering from the disease of addiction. It is a safe space to share your thoughts without being judged but is realistic in exposing the dangers or consequences that come with living a life filled with substance abuse.

What Makes PRC Different?

I have not been to many recovery centres, but I acknowledge that PRC Recovery admits that they are not perfect but 100% delivers on the fact that regardless of whatever your addiction may be, the recovery centre will ensure that you receive all the help and treatment you need to overcome your demons as well as providing guides that will assist you in your journey of recovery when you exit the gates and proceed to live a life of sobriety.

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