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5 February 2023


PRC Recovery brought the changes I needed to embrace my potential and love life again. Grateful for the transformation and sense of home.


Words cannot fully describe what PRC has done for me.

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Words cannot fully describe what PRC has done for me.

Words cannot fully describe what PRC Recovery has done for me. It has brought to me all the changes I so desperately needed to achieve all that I know I am capable of. I have learned to love life and to love life and myself again. This is home.

Individual Counselling

The counsellors are always prepared to listen and advise. At no point did I feel neglected during individual sessions with the counsellors.

Group Counselling

The groups generally seem to lack planning, and we spend time reading off print outs without receiving our own copies, more often than not. When effort has been dedicated in advance, it is noticeable and results in a lot more engagement from the group.

Step Work Counselling

At times, difficult to understand the feedback given about my step work. Sometimes I felt as if my answers were wrong, and to my understanding there are no wrong answers. For the most part, my individual sessions are extremely insightful and result in better understanding my addictions.


I love the facility. Some minor work required on maintenance aspects and lighting is a problem during loadshedding. Passages and bathrooms need alternative lighting. P.S. We need a swimming pool.


Week meals are not great. The portions are small and lack creativity, often being unpleasant to sit through. The chicken for Monday lunch time gets overcooked and is rock hard. Weekend meals are fantastic, delicious and fun. They always leave everyone happy and satisfied.


The fellowship is strong and welcoming. The counsellors should attend NA and AA more regularly to set an example of dedication to the fellowship. Monday and Friday online meetings should be more than just having to sit and listen for an hour - we should be able to speak and interact because it is boring to sit and to not be able to participate.


Complaints need to be taken more seriously. We are clients and you are providing a service. I know lots of improvements are to come.

What Makes PRC Different?

PRC Recovery is a family. The dream for this place is what sets it aside from all others. We learn to live and appreciate life with little luxury and each of us become a part of this family through our time here.

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