A comprehensive map to the journey of recovery that is enlightening, inspiring and practical.


"Addiction is not a choice; sobriety is."

PRC Recovery Centre is a registered substance abuse rehabilitation centre in South Africa. As one of the best rehab centres that specialize in the treatment of substance abuse rehabilitation, our goal is to help clients achieve and maintain abstinence from alcoholism and drug addiction.

Our affordable addiction treatment programme includes spiritual, emotional, intellectual growth and physical well-being. An individually tailored evidence-based therapy plan is designed for each client to examine and include the many different approaches and modalities to addiction rehabilitation in South Africa.

The combined approaches to alcohol treatment and drug rehabilitation at PRC Recovery enables every individual to gain a new perspective and way of life. This approach has proven to be effective well beyond the initial recovery phase. Should you need more information please contact us or watch our videos to find out more about who we are and what we do.



What makes PRC Recovery one of the best rehab centres in South Africa?


The founders started PRC to afford families the same gift they had been blessed with. It started 5 years ago when they personally started the journey of recovery.

Learn more about them and the people making this dream a reality in helping addicts recover.




Our 30-day residential addiction treatment programme in South Africa seeks to identify the problem and then offers the solution. Primary treatment is recommended for people who've admitted that they have a problem and have some understanding of addiction or received treatment before.

Short term rehab centres in South Africa should provide an intensive in-patient treatment programme. PRC Recovery uses the 12 step recovery program, evidence-based therapy, and life coaching to facilitate the journey of recovery.

Medical aids pay for 21 days of substance abuse rehabilitation in South Africa. PRC extends this cover to secondary programmes. Contact us to find out about affordability and co-payment structures.


Our 90-day intensive in-patient addiction treatment programme in South Africa concentrates on the content and structure of effective addiction treatment programmes in and provides a complete and holistic view of alcohol and drug abuse addiction treatment and recovery.

Long term treatment centres in South Africa not only focuses on abstinence but also addresses related areas of impaired functioning. PRC Recovery makes referrals for needed supplemental medical and psychiatric care, assist with employment-related issues, and other services as well.

Medium-term rehabilitation in South Africa is recommended for people who often need substance withdrawal management or a dual-diagnosis treatment centre. Contact us for more information and how we can help.


Long term rehabs in South Africa also extend to Tertiary when the intended treatment is for 6 months or longer.


Activities are designed to help adopt new, more harmonious and constructive ways to interact with others. It addresses related areas of functioning such as employment status, illegal activity, and family/social relations that offer more comprehensive services.

Long term addiction treatment programmes in South Africa focus on complete re-socialisation. Treatment remains structured and often become confrontational when delving deeper into damaging beliefs, self-concepts, and destructive patterns of behaviour caused by relapse, recurrence, the psychosocial or pharmacological treatment for addiction.



The Minnesota model has proven itself effective in the treatment of alcoholism in South Africa and worldwide through the application of the 12 step recovery program.

Our philosophy is built upon the success of the AA / NA 12 step recovery program with integrative evidence-based therapy, and life coaching.

Addiction is a family disease and family involved participation is a critical element to ensure long term recovery success.



The biggest constraint to alcohol and drug rehabilitation in South Africa is affordability. We recognise that not everyone is fortunate to have their loved one admitted to the best rehab centres but we urge you to give us a call. If we cannot help you, we will help you look at alternative avenues. Our intent is to ensure the best possible outcome for your loved one.

Please contact us for reduced rates or referrals. 



October 30, 2019

Individual Counselling

This was a huge part in my early recovery. Pointing things out to me that for so long I failed to see and didnt want to believe using a lot that was discussed to build or re-build my found...

September 30, 2019

I was a heroin addict for 3 years. It stared with smoking nyaope in South Africa, with that some call “the kiss from god” and ended in Australia with mainlining pure heroin. This “kiss from god” quickly turned...

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The stigma of addiction comes from it being perceived as a moral failing, a choice, addiction is not a choice, sobriety is. Addiction is a disease and addicts receive immense judgement instead of sympathy. Addiction does not discriminate and no one plans on becoming addicted. PRC Recovery will help you understand the disease of addiction and help you to find a new way to live, free from substance abuse and dependence.


Choose PRC for affordable substance abuse treatment at one of the best rehabs in South Africa. PRC Recovery is a registered short- and long term rehab centre in South Africa. Our staff are exceptionally well qualified in helping alcoholics recover and drug addicts find sobriety throughout their recovery.


Finding drug rehab centres in South Africa is daunting in itself. Though getting sober on your own is possible, it’s staying sober that most people need help with. There is no need to suffer alone. If you cannot afford treatment, contact us. PRC is an affordable rehab centre in South Africa.


Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centres in South Africa are crucial to fight alcohol and drug abuse in South Africa. Alcohol and drugs destroy relationships, families and communities. Everyone affected by this pandemonium lives in constant fear of not knowing what’s going to happen to their loved one or to themselves.


Choose the best rehab centre in South Africa. Compare the effectiveness of addiction treatment services in South Africa for yourself. We’ve helped more than 100 families at our rehab centre in Mpumalanga with our comprehensive map to the journey of recovery that’s enlightening, inspiring and practical.