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rebuild your life, restore hope, and rise again

Welcome to Pace Recovery Centre, where premium care meets comprehensive solutions for your journey to recovery. Specializing in comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation, along with addressing behavioural addictions, our renowned centre provides the holistic approach you've been searching for.

Quality Service

Providing quality service since 2017


Our in-house team brings over 50 years of combined experience


400+ Clients admitted


Over 80% program completion rate

Why Choose Pace Recovery?

Transcending traditional treatment, curating an experience


Flexible Payment Solutions


Medically Supervised Detox


Medical Aids Accepted


Medication Assisted Treatment


Fast-Track Admission Process


Co-Occurring Disorders Integrated


Personalised Treatment Plans


Schedule-Accommodating for Employment / Studies


Family Support 

& Integration


Mind-Body-Spirit Approach


Employment Liaison Support


Post-Treatment Support

Our Treatment Approaches

Recovery isn't just about therapy sessions and group meetings—it's about embracing life in all its richness. At PRC Recovery, we believe in catering to the whole person, and that means creating an environment where having fun is just as vital to the healing process as any other aspect of treatment.


Whether it's organizing outdoor adventures, hosting game nights, or simply encouraging our clients to connect with nature, we understand that fostering a sense of joy and curiosity can be transformative on the road to recovery.


By integrating these elements into our approach, we aim to provide a total experience that not only addresses the challenges of addiction but also celebrates the possibilities of a life lived fully.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Client feedback holds immense value for us. By actively seeking and considering the input of our clients, we gain assurance that we are meeting their expectations and delivering on our promises. Their feedback not only affirms our current strategies but also provides insights into areas where we excel, allowing us to leverage those strengths further.

"When I walk out of here today, I will start living for the first time."


Our Programmes

Your Path to Success Starts Here: Our Programmes Lead the Way

Our commitment is unwavering: to offer an industry-leading program that effectively supports lasting change, all while ensuring that our services remain as cost-effective as possible. By integrating evidence-based practices with the latest in treatment innovations, we make every effort to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder anyone's journey to recovery, providing a range of options to fit various budgets without sacrificing the calibre or intensity of our care.


Primary Programme


Our short-term residential rehabilitation program offers intensive and focused treatment for substance abuse.


Extended Primary


Propelling individuals into active recovery through a comprehensive 7-week process of integrated services, addiction counselling, and recovery coaching. 


Secondary Programme


Prioritizing holistic therapeutic reconstruction within a supportive recovery community, emphasizing "re-socialization" and addressing harmful beliefs, self-perceptions, and destructive patterns head-on.


Extended Secondary


Providing a holistic approach to healing to create lasting change in their lives. It provides a deeper level of treatment and support compared to shorter-term programs. 


Tertiary Programme


Comprehensive platform consolidating progress made during the initial phases of treatment. Individuals have the opportunity to delve deeper into their recovery journey, reinforcing the skills, insights, and coping mechanisms acquired during earlier stages.

Programme Costs

Our diverse range of program options is designed with affordability and accessibility in mind, ensuring that all treatments are payable through medical aid, with co-payments calculated to ease the financial burden on our clients.


In our commitment to making recovery more accessible, we offer an additional incentive: pay upfront for your program and receive an extra 20% discount, subject to terms and conditions.


This approach underscores our dedication to providing flexible, cost-effective solutions for those seeking help on their journey to sobriety, ensuring that financial constraints do not stand in the way of quality addiction treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I believe your program will succeed when previous attempts have failed? Addiction is a complex condition, often recognized as a chronic relapsing disease. Addressing its underlying causes is paramount in addiction treatment. At our facility, we prioritize a comprehensive approach, blending holistic methods with a strong emphasis on aftercare. Through detailed initial assessments, we examine your history and past efforts to craft a personalized treatment plan. Drawing on our expertise, we identify key areas for intervention, ensuring a thorough approach tailored to promote lasting sobriety. Our evidence-based therapies, coupled with a nurturing environment, aim to empower individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve enduring success in their recovery journey.

What should I expect if this is my first time seeking treatment? If you're hesitant due to the myths surrounding rehab, rest assured, many of them are unfounded. Our program is rooted in creating a home away from home. We maintain small group sizes, ensuring you feel comfortable and supported rather than overwhelmed by crowds. Our compassionate staff is dedicated to making you feel not just welcome, but truly at ease and settled in from the moment you arrive.

I experienced severe withdrawal symptoms in the past and am hesitant to try quitting again. How can your program address this? We understand the challenges clients face during detox and prioritize their comfort and well-being above all else. Recognizing that the detox experience can be daunting, we offer a range of services to alleviate discomfort and ensure a supportive environment. We firmly believe that a smooth detox process is crucial for individuals to embark on their recovery journey with confidence. Rest assured, we are committed to providing a detox experience that is compassionate, effective, and tailored to each client's needs, ensuring that no one's path to healing is compromised.

Will I be required to discontinue my prescribed medication for depression or anxiety during treatment? While we acknowledge the value of medication-assisted therapy in early recovery, we also emphasize the importance of teaching coping mechanisms to complement your journey towards recovery. Our program integrates both medical and psychiatric support, ensuring that individuals can manage co-occurring disorders effectively alongside addiction treatment. By offering a comprehensive approach that combines medication-assisted therapy with coping skills development, we aim to provide our clients with the best possible advantage on their path to lasting sobriety and well-being.

I had a negative experience with rehab in the past. What sets your facility apart? We recognize that every recovery journey is unique, shaped by individual needs and expectations. With this in mind, we strive to create a welcoming environment and personalized experiences that meet the highest standards of ethical behaviour and compassionate care. We invite you to reach out to us for a confidential discussion about your past experience. Alternatively, feel free to explore our testimonials to gain insight and peace of mind.

Is your program faith-based? At our facility, we embrace individuals of all beliefs or lack thereof without discrimination. While our core focus revolves around holistic and clinical approaches to recovery, we also incorporate the 12 Steps program. This program offers an opportunity to explore your current belief systems and delve into spiritual principles as part of your recovery journey. We respect and honour each individual's unique perspective, fostering an inclusive environment where all are welcome to pursue healing and growth.

I have tried a 12 Steps program before, why will it work for me now? At our centre, we deeply respect each individual's journey and recognize that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment. While we acknowledge the effectiveness of the 12 Step program for many, we also understand that resistance to this approach may stem from various factors. Some of the common considerations include: Type of 12 Steps Program: Not all 12 Step programs are alike. Some may have religious undertones or view addiction as a moral failing rather than a disease. We advocate for the disease model of addiction and use the Narcotics Anonymous program as it is extremely comprehensive and does not discriminate against the type of addiction. Willingness to Change: Our program incorporates education on secondary gains, which are subconscious behaviours that may keep individuals stuck in destructive patterns due to perceived benefits. Understanding and addressing these underlying factors is crucial for progress in recovery. Introduction to the Program: The manner in which individuals are introduced to the 12 Step program can significantly impact their perception of it. A dogmatic or rigid approach may deter individuals from engaging fully. However, when approached with compassion and understanding, the program can offer profound benefits in processing experiences and fostering freedom and peace in recovery. Expectations: Recovery is a journey, not a quick fix. While the 12 Step program is a powerful tool, it requires honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness to fully engage with the process. It's important to recognize that sobriety is a way of life, and the principles outlined in the 12 Steps serve as guiding principles for maintaining long-term recovery. Trauma: If a person’s trauma is not addressed clinically and approached through the 12 Step Program with an inexperienced sponsor or counsellor, it can lead to a distrust. Personal Beliefs: People with secular beliefs often find it difficult to work a 12 Step Program as it can be interpreted as a strong emphasis on a god-concept. Our approach to the 12 Steps includes all types of belief systems. Perceived Lack of Control or Autonomy: Resistance to the 12 Step program may stem from concerns about surrendering control or autonomy over one's recovery process. Individuals may fear being pressured into conformity or relinquishing personal agency in decision-making. This is not what the program teaches and misconceptions are addressed. Resistance to Group Dynamics: For some, sharing personal experiences in group settings or participating in structured meetings can be daunting. Social anxiety or introversion may make engaging in group-based approaches challenging. Our approach focuses on addressing these underlying causes and triggers, fostering self-acceptance and helping individuals overcome these obstacles to find comfort in the recovery process.

Will I be isolated from friends or family? We do limit contact but strongly encourage family and friends' participation in the recovery process. The primary focus for each client is to engage fully with the program and address all identified areas of need. Unlimited access to family and friends can become a distraction, preventing clients from dealing with underlying issues. We encourage clients to concentrate on themselves and practice mindfulness and self-awareness as much as possible. Phone calls are not monitored and access to phone calls and visitations increases as you progress through the program. Building support systems is an integral part of our approach, and family participation plays a crucial role in our program.

Will I be able to continue with my studies or be able to spend time on my work? We accommodate students and employed clients by making provisions in our schedule. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation and see how we can best support you. While the primary focus should be on the program, we understand your need to fulfil ongoing commitments and strive to accommodate them as much as possible.

Do you treat other addictions like gambling or spending? Yes, we do. Addictions like gambling or spending are known as behavioural or process addictions. These addictions manifest in similar ways and are treated with similar approaches as substance addictions.

My loved one doesn’t know I’m making enquiries, how do I proceed to tell them that I want them to go to rehab? Approaching your loved one about seeking help can be daunting. For many, this step should be well thought out and carefully planned. To support you in this process, we have written an in-depth blog that provides guidance and strategies for taking the next step. If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


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