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rebuild your life, restore hope, and rise again

Pace Recovery Centre is a registered rehabilitation facility that prevents and treats substance abuse and behavioural addiction. Renowned as one of South Africa's premier rehab centres, we specialize in comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation, as well as addressing behavioural addictions. Our primary objective is to support clients in achieving and sustaining abstinence from alcoholism and drug addiction.


Our addiction treatment program encompasses spiritual, emotional, intellectual growth, and physical well-being. We prioritize an individualized and holistic approach, utilizing holistic and evidence-based therapies tailored to each client's unique needs. We aim to incorporate various practical techniques and modalities in substance abuse rehabilitation in South Africa.

At PRC, we adopt a comprehensive approach that encompasses alcohol treatment, drug rehabilitation, and behavioural addiction management. This integrated methodology empowers individuals to gain a fresh perspective and embark on a new, fulfilling life. Our approach extends beyond the initial recovery phase, ensuring long-term success and well-being.


Our story began in 2014 when we began our respective personal journeys in addiction recovery as a family. 
Driven by our own experiences, PRC was a dream made reality in 2017, extending the gift of recovery to others.

Our team is made up of passionate staff who are all about making a positive impact on others' lives.

Together, we're all about helping our clients find that lasting road to recovery and overcoming their addiction. 

Read more about our story and the amazing team dedicated to helping you start the journey.

Mart & Janine Meyer
The People Behind PRC

Why Choose Pace Recovery?

Transcending traditional treatment, curating an experience

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to addiction treatment, encompassing the mind, body, and soul. We go beyond traditional methods by incorporating transformative modalities such as Reiki, Body Stress Release (BSR), Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), and Human Design into our treatment programs as an extension of our service offering. 


By integrating these practices, we not only address the underlying causes of addiction but also facilitate healing on a profound level. Our approach recognizes the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and soul, allowing individuals to experience true transformation and empowerment on their recovery journey.

Recovery isn't just about therapy sessions and group meetings—it's about embracing life in all its richness. At PRC Recovery, we believe in catering to the whole person, and that means creating an environment where having fun is just as vital to the healing process as any other aspect of treatment.


Whether it's organizing outdoor adventures, hosting game nights, or simply encouraging our clients to connect with nature, we understand that fostering a sense of joy and curiosity can be transformative on the road to recovery.


By integrating these elements into our approach, we aim to provide a total experience that not only addresses the challenges of addiction but also celebrates the possibilities of a life lived fully.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Client feedback holds immense value for us. By actively seeking and considering the input of our clients, we gain assurance that we are meeting their expectations and delivering on our promises. Their feedback not only affirms our current strategies but also provides insights into areas where we excel, allowing us to leverage those strengths further.

"When I walk out of here today, I will start living for the first time."


Our Programmes

Your Path to Success Starts Here: Our Programmes Lead the Way

Our commitment is unwavering: to offer an industry-leading program that effectively supports lasting change, all while ensuring that our services remain as cost-effective as possible. By integrating evidence-based practices with the latest in treatment innovations, we make every effort to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder anyone's journey to recovery, providing a range of options to fit various budgets without sacrificing the calibre or intensity of our care.


Primary Programme


Our short-term residential rehabilitation program offers intensive and focused treatment for substance abuse.


Extended Primary


Propelling individuals into active recovery through a comprehensive 7-week process of integrated services, addiction counselling, and recovery coaching. 


Secondary Programme


Prioritizing holistic therapeutic reconstruction within a supportive recovery community, emphasizing "re-socialization" and addressing harmful beliefs, self-perceptions, and destructive patterns head-on.


Extended Secondary


Providing a holistic approach to healing to create lasting change in their lives. It provides a deeper level of treatment and support compared to shorter-term programs. 


Tertiary Programme


Comprehensive platform consolidating progress made during the initial phases of treatment. Individuals have the opportunity to delve deeper into their recovery journey, reinforcing the skills, insights, and coping mechanisms acquired during earlier stages.

Programme Costs

Our diverse range of program options is designed with affordability and accessibility in mind, ensuring that all treatments are payable through medical aid, with co-payments calculated to ease the financial burden on our clients.


In our commitment to making recovery more accessible, we offer an additional incentive: pay upfront for your program and receive an extra 20% discount, subject to terms and conditions.


This approach underscores our dedication to providing flexible, cost-effective solutions for those seeking help on their journey to sobriety, ensuring that financial constraints do not stand in the way of quality addiction treatment.


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Latest Happenings

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