I've put in my very best into making my recovery possible

I never knew I was going to come this far in the program here at PRC or in recovery. I have been putting in my very best into making my recovery possible. PRC has given me my life back that I thought that I had lost years ago. If it was not for the staff here that are so caring and understanding I wouldn’t have come this far. My stay here at PRC was extremely amazing in general it has been a good stay here for me. Being PRC my first recovery centre I have enjoyed my stay here. The counselling and the step work has helped me through this difficult time that I have been faced with. After working through this program not only helped me to realise my problem areas in my life but it also helped m

A difficult road made easier with PRCs love and support

My experience at PRC; it has been a difficult road, but the staff and counsellors made it an easier one with there love and support. The staff and counsellors were always there for me. The groups were very informative and interesting. PRC was my second home away from home. I have learnt so much and I have discovered so much about myself. My relationship with God has strengthened. Thank you to all the staff and counsellors for being part of this important journey. Individual Counselling The counsellors are truly interested in hearing what you have on your mind. They are always available to listen and there's never any rush, they will sit with you for as long as you need and they do not judge

A life changing experience made possible with PRC Recovery

My experience at PRC was literally life changing. I would like to thank the counsellors and social workers as well as the entire PRC staff for making my recovery possible. I have managed to not only grow personally but also emotionally and mentally. After the 3 months that I have been here I have also found a sense of belonging in the program of Narcotics Anonymous. I am now a strong and self-sufficient person that can take responsibility in living life on life’s terms. I am truly amazed by the experience I have had at PRC, it was way beyond my expectations. My opinions where always heard and my questions answered I was never left in the dark, in fact the team and fellowship always brought l

It's difficult to work on yourself on an individual basis

The stay at Pace Recovery has been good and does have a reliable structure and you learn a lot of insight about life but on personal levels it’s difficult to work on yourself on an individual basis but through hard work and ethic you forget about that. Has been a good stay and has been very much appreciated. Individual Counselling Counselling has been average but insightful. Group Counselling A lot of tools learnt which is useful on the road to recovery. Step Work Counselling It is interesting and enlightening to understand yourself, awareness and progress. Facility It’s a good facility to get away from problems and has standard things to accommodate recovering addicts. Meals Food is good bu


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