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20 May 2023


Grateful for holistic tools learned at PRC Recovery for living a life of recovery. Embracing 'Just For Today' with hope and freedom from doom and gloom.


Just For Today. I am an addict and will always be an addict.

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Just For Today. I am an addict and will always be an addict.

I am grateful and thankful for having received the tools required holistically as to how to live a life of recovery. Just For Today. I am an addict and will always be an addict. However I do not have to live a life surrounded by doom and gloom.

Individual Counselling

Our sessions were insightful. It was a good platform for me to discuss relevant issues and find ways as to how to address them regarding real life situations.

Group Counselling

Group was something I looked forward to as they were interesting. Although I think the scheduling can be improved as per the program schedule.

Step Work Counselling

I am honoured and blessed to have an experienced life coach who put a lot of effort into our sessions and gave me a lot of insight concerning addiction and recovery.


The facility needs work but other than that it is liveable. Lighting during loadshedding could be improved. The bathroom could also use some improvement. The beds could also be improved.


The meal portions are small. The food is overcooked at times and the food is cold at times.


The meetings are generally good. It would be nice if people from the outside could attend. It would be nice to go to meetings outside of the centre.


Grievance procedures are not always attended to on time as stated on the admission contract. I think it would be more efficient and effective to have a tuckshop on the premises.

What Makes PRC Different?

PRC Recovery in a sense has taught me to be grateful for a lot in my life. It is Step work focused which I believe exposes you to how to be prepared for a life of recovery. It focuses on growing you across all spheres as long as you apply yourself diligently.

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