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18 April 2023


PRC Recovery's counseling and programs focus on deep self-reflection and understanding underlying causes. A supportive community for growth and recovery.


PRC focuses on the mindset of the underlying causes of the disease.

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PRC focuses on the mindset of the underlying causes of the disease.

Individual Counselling

I felt really open and comfortable with Persty. The most thing that we really worked on was self-reflection and reflected on the relationship I have with my family. We reflected on previous failures and my goals. How I can work on them more effectively this time and I'm looking forward to that. Mart also helped me a lot with how I can deal and understand a lot of my fears and frustrations.

Group Counselling

JFT meetings always lifted my mood up and I was always free to comment how I honestly felt without judgement. The group classes were very interesting I even picked up new things that I did not know about myself but they always came with solutions on how to work it out.

Step Work Counselling

This is the first time I was able to reflect on myself this deeply. I found out a lot about myself. Things I knew about myself and a lot I did not know. Writing it down helped me to let a lot of things out and let them go, It also helped with noticing a cause to a lot of my behaviours.


The facility is ok, good to be honest because of its few distractions and disturbances. It gave me more time to focus on myself. The nature around here is amazing. The facility is also very easy to move around. It is not complicated to understand.


I cannot really comment on that because I am a very picky person when it comes to meals. I have ulcers so a lot of things do upset my stomach.


I will attend online NA meetings on Tuesdays and I will attend NA meetings online on Thursdays until I can go physically to meetings. I really enjoyed being part of the fellowship.


I met a lot of different personalities in here, some I did not like but I grew to like them because we grew to be a family in here. It is a lot of entertaining personalities in here and I will really miss them. The atmosphere in here can be frustrating sometimes but at the end of the day, it is all love.

What Makes PRC Different?

PRC Recovery does not focus on detoxing it focuses on the mindset of the underlying causes of the disease. PRC Recovery has a productive program with meetings that you can even attend once you leave.

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