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27 January 2019


PRC Recovery was my first Rehab. I could see the program making a difference in my life and it gave me the hope that I will indeed recover.


I realised that it's a disease & addiction is just a symptom.

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I realised that it's a disease & addiction is just a symptom.

Pace Recovery Centre it's my first Rehab I went to and I must say at first I was too scared thinking about the fact that I am going to be away from my family. As soon as I started being honest with myself I could see the program making a difference in my life. I was welcomed with love and support which made me believe in the program more and gave me hope that I will indeed recover. I never thought the journey to recovery can end up being so meaningful, peaceful and give me a sense of relief until I came to Pace and realised that it is indeed a disease and addiction is just a symptom. I got to understand my worth and know myself better than before. The counsellors are really there for one and the Fellowship as well, it really encourages one to see beyond the eyes of an addict. That it is possible for one to recover as long as we follow the 5 pillars, sponsor, service, step work, meetings and the loving Higher Power.

Individual Counselling

For me, it really helped me understand the roots of my addiction. It has helped me speak about my feelings and how I can try different reactions, made me understand and be aware of my capabilities and the courage I have. They have helped me grow and be aware of the fact that I am not alone and I can talk to someone freely without being judged.

Group Counselling

Helped me understand that we all go through things or going through things meaning that there's a story before a story. I got to understand and accept my accountability for using. They helped me to realise that asking for help no make them/one weak but courageous.

Step Work Counselling

During my step work helps me remember where I was before and what I want to change from my past. It helped me to admit that I am powerless, unmanageable, was in denial, lack in spiritual principle, made me aware of the disease called addiction and the fact that I'll have to move on from my past and focus on the future with positivity.


The facility is very safe, very welcoming and is indeed a home filled with love and support. The activities all around it are really fun and it doesn't really make one feel like they are away from home as such.


The meals are amazing, healthy and balanced meals are served. Really grateful for the routine of eating three important meals a day, which helps one if they have an eating disorder.


Has made me feel that I am not alone unless I actually choose to. They have taught me that honesty is one way to go and it is really helpful not only to the people around me but mostly to me.


The management and staff are really supportive and offer their time in case there is something bothering you. They have self-compassion which really teaches one a lot.

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