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18 September 2020


I felt at home and accepted. No matter my past, I was never judged in any way. PRC gave me the tools to keep up this new sober way of life.


Thank you PRC Recovery for showing me how to live again.

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Thank you PRC Recovery for showing me how to live again.

Before coming to PRC recovery my life was a mess. I was living in my car, I had lost just about all my assets and belongings, I had broken relationships with my family and just about everyone who ever cared for me. I reached rock bottom and my life was truly unmanageable, I was offered the gift of recovery and I accepted it. I did not want to live the life I was living anymore. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Everything happened so quickly and I did not know what to expect. I travelled 1700km from Cape town in 2 days and here I was. Overwhelmed by fear and loneliness. As I checked in, I already started feeling at home and accepted by the people here. No matter what I had done or did not do in the past, I was never judged in any way. I was able to identify with everyone around me - all recovering addicts. From the get-go, I followed the program and did what was expected from me. I started working on the 12 steps which seemed like a big task at first but I soon realized that this is exactly what I need to get better and I am exactly where I need to be. It was a loving experience to focus on myself for a change, to be honest with myself and get to know the real me. I did not have to hide behind a mask anymore. After 76 days I completed the program. It was not easy, but it was simple and worth every second. PRC Recovery provided me with the tools I need to keep up this new sober way of life. I can now face reality again with confidence putting myself and my recovery first. Thanks, PRC Recovery for showing me how to LIVE again.

Individual Counselling

I had a good experience with my Individual Counselling sessions. It allowed me to freely share specific problems in my life that I am struggling with. I have received good advice and suggestions on how to handle specific situations with regards to my family and relationships.

Group Counselling

During group counselling I really learned a lot about myself and my behaviours. I was able to share my own experiences and get advice or feedback on them . The topics discussed are really valuable to any person, addict or not.

Step Work Counselling

All Step Work Counselling sessions were very valuable to me, perhaps the most. If I did not understand something it was broken down and explained in such a way that I could always 'get it'. It was a very humbling experience to share my fourth step specifically, not being judged in any way and knowing that my counsellor knows exactly what I am going through.


The facility is very welcoming, with vast open grounds with outstanding views of the surrounding mountains. The rooms are cosy and everything I needed was located right around me. Especially enjoyed the braai area and living room where we watched movies. Everything is always clean and up to standard.


I definitely need to give my compliments to the staff who cooked. There was never a day where I had bad food. Portions are good and the menu is well balanced with the variety of foods I ate here. I even started eating fruits and vegetables for the first time in 29 years.


Coming to the NA Fellowship was probably the best thing I had done in years. Having the opportunity to share anything freely with other addicts and listening to other addicts share their hope and experiences is what allowed me to properly work the 12 steps and to be honest with myself. I always felt like I "belong".


In General, I really don't have much more to say. Just compliments to all the staff, always being friendly and willing to help or listen to me. One suggestion I would make is to get an actual tuck shop on the premises, it would make the world of difference to some people like me.

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