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7 July 2022


At PRC Recovery, I embraced acceptance, surrendered my will, and found faith in recovery. Grateful for this transformative journey.


We Do Recover! I was in denial that my substance use was my problem.

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We Do Recover! I was in denial that my substance use was my problem.

Coming to treatment I was in denial that my substance use was my problem. I came to surrender my self will and to believe in a Higher Power. Yes, we do recover. I will forever be grateful to PRC Recovery. Accept, Surrender, and have Faith.

Individual Counselling

These sessions were alright, they were a bit helpful in some parts of my recovery. It was an eye opener to who I was and what I have become.

Group Counselling

I have learned a lot about who I am and the challenges I faced and still might face in my new life in recovery. An eye opener.

Step Work Counselling

It taught me a lot about myself and the things I am going through in life. I have accepted my faults. I have let go of my problems and resentments. It has given me the opportunity to rekindle my relationship with my Higher Power.


The facility is not what it shows online but you can adapt. It is manageable and you can work on your recovery.


The meals are adequate and efficient to get your nutritional diet.


Very insightful and helpful coming to doing step work and recovery in general. It is an eye opener, knowing that I am not alone in recovery and that there is hope and support. You can reach out and ask for help.


I enjoyed my stay and the work. Helps somewhat to get a better understanding on recovery and the benefits to why one should always ask for help and trust in the process of NA/AA and the 12 step program.

What Makes PRC Different? 

� 12 step program � inhouse NA/AA meetings � they deal with all kinds of people with all sorts of addictions � they cater for your wellbeing � after care plan � helps to believe in ones Higher Power

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