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19 January 2020


I'm a happy, grateful, recovering addict. I'm clean today by the grace of God and PRC Recovery. My life changed and there's joy in my heart.


Thanks PRC for the wonderful journey and new life you gave me.

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Thanks PRC for the wonderful journey and new life you gave me.

I am a happy, grateful drug addict - recovering addict now. I am clean today, by the grace of God and PRC Recovery. My life has changed and there is joy in my heart. I was a hopeless, lost, broken addict full of fears and feelings I wanted to forget and not deal with. I wasted years in my life consumed by drugs and addiction. I was empty, unhappy, lost and confused. The only thing I knew and did for the past couple of years was use drugs and act out - that became my life. A life alone and painful. I was burnt out, I could not live like that anymore and I didn't know where to go or ask for help. By God's grace, I found PRC Recovery and all the painful misery in my life changed. I found myself and a new life, the important things in life - a new way to live. I have a happy, hopeful, sober life that I am not alone in. A life full of many gifts, a life worth living, a life that fills the emptiness inside me every day and I am grateful to PRC Recovery for showing me a way out and giving me a way up. There aren't enough words that can express my gratitude for PRC Recovery, the staff members, the clients/housemates. Thanks for your help, for your love and care and thanks for the wonderful journey and new life you have given me - I will never forget PRC Recovery.

Individual Counselling

Counsellors listen and help you to the best of their ability

Group Counselling

Insightful classes, I learned a lot from them. Sometimes they are boring and there is little interaction between facilitator and clients - information is read from their laptops and a short video clip is shown.

Step Work Counselling

Sessions tend to be confusing sometimes but they are helpful so I take what works for me and leave the rest. All I had to do was be open-minded and see the bigger picture as the coach tends to be personal.


The facility is situated in a beautiful tranquil environment surrounded by mountains and nature.


Healthy and nutritious. Three meals a day plus bread and coffee during the day.


Grateful for the NA Fellowship. Helped me find myself and showed me how to live. The Fellowship is supportive and the meetings keep me clean.


Some beds and couches need attention. Try to change the menu, can't have the same food for three months (work on the mac and cheese). Animals around the living area- not good. Compliments to the staff for making my stay here pleasant and worthwhile.

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