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9 July 2022


After years of addiction and nearly losing everything, PRC Recovery gave me hope and showed me the person I want to be. Start your journey to sobriety today.


The journey of a lifetime - wish I could have stayed longer.

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The journey of a lifetime - wish I could have stayed longer.

All the years in addiction I lived in lies and denial. I abused everything I have used throughout my life. Now after 6 years of addiction, alcohol became my drug of choice and very much a problem. I have two daughters and a wife who I have almost lost. Same with my job. Through Gods grace I still have a job. Get help, or continue to go on this way and lose everything. I had the journey of a lifetime at PRC recovery. Really wish I could have stayed longer. PRC Recovery showed me the person I want to be, they helped me fight for my life. Now I have a good chance of living a sober life.

Individual Counselling

I had individual sessions with Persty, I really got the confidence to talk for the first time in my life. It helped a lot to talk. It taught me to be honest and open. For the first time I had the courage to deal with the truth.

Group Counselling

I must say that the group on life purpose and stress management hit me hard. I now know that God made me as I am with lots of skills and talent. I know what I am living for, and my stress is already better. It is getting better each day because of my sobriety.

Step Work Counselling

I am still busy with the steps. Step 1 was an awakening for me and the start of my recovery. I learned how to be honest with myself and others with the willingness to do whatever it takes to stay sober. I have also learned to be open-minded about things and have learned to say NO.


There is a lot of small stuff that needs attention, some maintenance. Do not need to get someone to do it. It can be done during good will on Saturdays.


At first I thought, what am I doing here? But as time passed I realized that everything is part of the program. I learned to be grateful for every meal. There are so many who don't have food.


I really learned a lot from the AA and NA meetings. I learned how to share my life, even the bad things without fear of judgement.

What Makes PRC Different?

The other rehab I was at 3 times before I came to PRC Recovery was very small, surrounded with walls and cameras. PRC Recovery has a big, beautiful facility, with no walls. Plenty of things we were allowed here that there was no way of doing at the other facility. There is also no sugarcoating anything and there is a lot you can achieve in just three weeks. At PRC Recovery you can breathe and enjoy nature. The coaches are straightforward.

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