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17 January 2020


I've gradually been filled with hope, faith and trust. I now see a better me as I step into the light at the end of this dark tunnel.


I started seeing the reason for this void in my life.

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I started seeing the reason for this void in my life.

Before coming to recovery I had a lack of everything except for my drugs in my life. Upon entering recovery I started feeling that void in my life resurfacing this did not last long though as I started seeing the reason for that void which my recovery coaches helped me find. This void has gradually been filled with hope, faith and trust until I was at the end of the dark tunnel stepping into the light. I now see a better me, full of life and a better understanding of myself. With the necessary tools to face life on life's terms.

Individual Counselling

The counsellors helped me see where I went wrong in my years of addiction. They introduced coping skills in order for me to be able to move forward in a new light and live a life of sobriety.

Group Counselling

This was a journey of self-discovery. I was taught many principles and was made aware that vulnerability is not a weakness and that it can help you cope with many uncertainties.

Step Work Counselling

Step work gave me a whole new view of addiction and taught me to see my faults and hurt inflicted on others, none the less it has shown me how to deal with my character defects and how to deal with life on life's terms. The step work guide is truly a master of self-discovery.


The facility speaks for itself, there are many places to sit and practise self-care whilst looking at the beauty that God has created. Definitely, a place to find one's inner-self.


Meals are healthy and dietary based. We receive three meals a day with a tea break as well. People who have special dietary needs are also catered for.


There is no discrimination as the 12 steps invites a belief which best suits each individual. You are not compelled to believe in a certain God, it is entirely up to each person and their belief.


The facility is not a punishment driven facility. They do however have certain rules and regulations. Consequences are applied to each individual when necessary and are never enforced for no reason they are merely there to teach responsibility where required.

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